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Adobe Photoshop

Photo editor to crop, fix, heal image. Add effect, filter, border. Make collage.



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I really love this app. With the crop option there's several different ways that you can adjust the image that is crooked or tilted it can be flattened and straight. It also gives you the option to adjust the variables. There is a few options missing keeping it from the PERFECT App One being "Paint" which is important if you want to make certain corrections. The correction option they provide only clones so it takes a great deal of time and many attempts to get the desired affect, sometimes not.

Generally Fantastic. Love this app. My only problem is when it stopped working on my tablet. I don't necessarily think it was the app's fault. At no rate, the sheer scope of options is incredible. As long as you don't get overwhelmed you can get come superb results. Hotep Y'all

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