Book Review: Photographic Heart

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Check out the highlights on our official review of PHOTOGRAPHIC HEART by A.M. Halford!

  • PHOTOGRAPHIC HEART is the eighth book in the Itáyu Lake series
  • Brannon is the nephew of the two angelic aunts who have been featured in previous books.
  • He has had his vision and knows he will meet his mate soon, and a rough idea of where, hence why he is back at Itáyu Lake.
  • Kyle has been sent to the Lake by a friend, who knows his friend will love the scenery there.
  • This was a well told story, making it an excellent addition to the series.
  • This Lake is so well known by now, the author is able to concentrate on the connections between the mates, and everyone else who lives there.
  • With lighthearted moments as well as heartbreaking ones, this book has something for everyone.
  • I would recommend reading this series from the start, just so you know who is with who!
  • A great read, and recommended by me.

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Merissa

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