Book Review: #1 Lie

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Check out the highlights on our official review of #1 LIE by T. Gephart!

  • #1 LIE was so much fun
  • I totally enjoyed Ms. Gephart's take on the sitch
  • Dave was absolutely fabulous…what a sweet, flirty, sexy dude that one was
  • Jess, the little liar, amused and frustrated me.
  • I did adore them together however, no matter how stupid Jess's life choices were
  • the sex scenes, while few, were well written and lip bitingly delicious.
  • But her family? Loved. Them! They might've been the best part of #1 LIE, with their wacky attitudes and gossipy personas.
  • a lighthearted and funny read that I recommend to anyone who loves sexy romcom stories!

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Delta

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