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How many of us here are Instagram Users?
I bet many of us are on Instagram and use this app on a daily basis, watching, posting and liking Images and videos and so on, with out even getting rewarded for being active and all of our engagements. it all goes down to the fun we get from Instagram and not for the rewards.

Now think about a platform like Instagram that rewards users for posting and doing every sort of things they actually do on the local app exactly on there new improved app on the blockchain?


Think about a platform where you control the data and you are free of unwanted Ads and still get rewards for liking other users contents above all, being active on the platform.

Is this making sense or? do you want a further explanation?

Well we can go on and on emphasizing on the APPICS IMPROVED SOCIAL MEDIA platforms that indeed rewards you for your time spent on the platform more than Instagram, cause appics is a deployed app on the steem chain, rewards users for their activities on the Appics app, but before we go deep into this steem based rewarding application, let's understand the appics properly and their goals.

Appics introduction

APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that introduces a new ecosystem which merges lifestyle, passion, and user-generated income inside a single mobile application.

With the above definition of what this awesome Dapp entails, we could see it actually explained everything about it with the key word "Lifestyle and reward for passion" "

A lot of us post different stuffs on social platforms not wanting rewards since this platforms rip us off and don't pay back, but we do this for the fun of it anyways.

Well with Appics and its user generated income and creating valued ecosystem Unlike other popular social media site, where 100% of the platform’s value and revenue goes to the corporate shareholders,
APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share of the overall revenue, as well as creative influence within the network, through a cryptocurrency reward-token.
An appics explainer video

The mission is to return the value and time spent by each platform users on the app hence creating a rewarding experience back to the content creators and the audiences who uses the appics app on a daily.

According to the appics terms of privacy use on their homepage
They highly respect users privacy and takes the protection of users personal data very seriously. since the company is based in Swiss, the company uses the Swiss Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (“OFADP”) and the General European Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").

Using the appics app is easy just like using Instagram or any other socials, the main core value still remains on how many users and activities the users are, like numbers of times the app is being used by platform users, its engagements.

And since the dapp rewards users who post, comment and also like, the main value centers around users who spend their time and energy, creating and curating content on the app as they are responsible for keeping the platform alive.

According to state of the dapps :

The Appics current rank is situated at #385 and its still under Beta, with limited users testing the new app that would be released once the steem smt is launched for token creation, i presume.

They are limited users using the app, since the beta isn't for everyone but for selected few, the engagement and app usage for now is very low, this might be the cause why they are no Engagement, monthly usage graph and statistics on the #StateoftheDapps website

APPICS Awaiting the SMT to further launch this amazing social rewarding app is turning traditional social media around by giving
its users the window to receive financial rewards directly from their content and engagement, earning real revenue from receiving LIKES directly via The steem blockchain.

With there success full airdrop done and concluded last year and not forgetting their successful bounty.
The appics team has actually prove to us they could wait with patience and build something long-lasting and iconic for its faithful community who wants nothing but see the project to the moon.

Appics allows brands work together for greater results by "Not" Running an intrusive Ads that would disturb users experience and unwelcomed contents on their homepages, hence Appics allows a method of ads that could actually be sent to more than 16 categories of the related ads content.

The Appics team

Company based in swiss, The small town "Zug" close to Zürich, where APPICS also has its headquarters.

This are the appics team meanwhile they are still Hiring. and if you think you have the proper skill set you could take a look at there website.


With their team in the U.S



The Appics app is easy to use, my first day experience was superb,To LIKE images or contents on the platform all you need do is swap up with the percentage required and that's all.

And it votes on the particular content.

The only issues I'm facing with the app isn't bug but some restrictions i think would be so lovely, maybe because of its beta phase and some restrictions like the statistics by the up right corner that i take might be analysis of each post that would be shown to the owners to see how well and engaged, also reaches of their post.


So for me the appics in beta is awesome with some great features to come in the near future alongside the launch, in my opinion i believe the only thing holding the Appics team back for a full launch, might be the arrival of the SMT, to create a steem based tokens that would allow people i think stake up their "Appics tokens" for influence on the platform just like the karma app i reviewed yesterday and it would allow users reward content creators.

I don't know if that is the way it all end up to be, its only a thought of mine and what i feel their token would be used for.
still on the the app, you all find three options below.

  • One is for searching on the platform
  • The second is for posting on the platform
  • while the third is for commenting on a particular post

While i don't know what the big heart at the left corner of the app insinuates, a click would show you "Features coming soon"


well we await to see it, i think that would be use to check the list of users you might have previously liked their posts and rewarded.

Meanwhile posting on the platform is the most exciting thing to do, the app looks good and to what appics stands for;
really like the next generational app. so interesting to post contents, fast to use, no lagging like many apps in beta do lol, actually no spotted bugs at the moment since i have been posting from the apps few times now. i also use this opportunity to visit the app today and post some cool images from our previous meet up.
You can choose from amazing categories, for the fact i was talking about blockchain, i decided to include Tech


I search on the best filter to fit my images colours, at the end i selected the original color,my observations still remains that more features are still locked and not allowed to be used maybe for future releases, features like locations, and tagging people to. notify them.


Rate and new features

I learnt somewhere on the platform that the app would contain a wallet for easy P2p transfer, though the features are not yet on the beta app, i think the next general app release might be a lot interest as it would have more features than what we are using in the beta and meanwhile **I Rate the app 5star,it has been working for me with no glitches or any sort of bugs, very easy to use and lovely app for the next generation.
I will urge the devs to include a feature to monitor there votes power gauge, and add more amazing filters that would trip them ladies😛 and everyone using it. Thank you.


all images use are screenshots of the above websites

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