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RE: Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Bojan's Moto Workshop' (Part #184)

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Wow. Exceptional @velimir
There is no one else I spend as much time with as Joel and Tom. 90% of my daily interaction happens with these two guys. The power they have is therefore incredible. I'm highly influenced and seek to be from them and their input. I know, because of their actions, experience, and daily work, the only impact this can have on me is a positive one. It is pushing me higher and onto the next level every day.

I'm the average of Tom and Joel:)
So i know you are going to do some exceptional things with Bojan around you. Keep it up friend.
Whether you want it or not, I believe this is how it works. The people you spend the most time with make you.
Bojan at it again. Who doesnt love Black.
You really lectured well about all the part. I have learnt a lot about bikes since yesterday's "Bojan" series and i must say that its very interesting to own a bike.. There are a lot of things i thought were just for fancy on bikes, but now i see that they all have their roles to play. My favorite pic is the fattened back tire. When i saw it, i just remembered Dark Night. The batman's automobile. One can only think of how the speed and acceleration of this masterpiece.. Because i think from my little knowledge of bikes, a fattened rear tire helps keep the back wheel aligned with the front wheel throughout the turns. Its so cool because it employs a “beastie” appearance :) and ofcourse it had to be more comfortable. I have it in my unconscious that you are a "tough" guy because i generally take bikers to be tough guys. If you ride on that fattened tire, that means you are double tougher :). Thank you for the informative and classic post. I learnt today.
But i have a question to ask
When, technically, should you change tires on a motorcycle? How do you know, exactly?


hey buddy. this is not my bike, as you read lol I don't have an extra fat back tire. I ride standard, which is fat but not THAT fat. Technically you should change it when the pattern becomes shallower than 2-3mm depending on the local regulations ;) Thank you @eveokonma it is true all you wrote! :)

Lol. Okay. Thanks for the correction, i think i skipped the part you mentioned that probably because i thought maybe you had learnt so much from Bojan that you did some pimping on your own bike. I appreciate the correction and thank you for confirming @eveokonma's answer. Have a great one.

Okay. I dont know much about bikes but a friend of mine sitting beside me who is a biker just gave me his answer. He changed his and he complained that it was because the tread depth decreased and reached the measure point. That was when he decided to change the tyres. Hope you understand. The tires gets practically bald and its a little too risky for a rider as it offers little to no grip on flat surfaces, forget cornering. So his advice is that you do not wait out till the tyres are completely bald. Also he changes the tires when he notices a change in handling. Many times on high performance motorcycles tires wear oddly and even though they may not be all the way down to the wear bars, handling can be effected. Just hope that helped you. And @velimir. I am sorry i answered on your behalf. I judt loved the post and wanted to contribute to @georgechuks question.

Thank you so much for your answer. It was really helpful. I have learnt another today. Take care of your self.

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