Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Bojan's Moto Workshop' (Part #184)

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Even though it seems to appear as a slow day for the workshop, it isn't. Bojan is never idle. He always finds something to work on and enjoys every second of it. It's really good to spend time in the company of people like him. I've read somewhere that a person is a by-product of people one interacts with the most. I think that works on a smaller scale, too.

By friendly interaction we enrich others' lives and, what's more, by doing so we enrich our own just the same. Unfortunately, it also works vice-versa. If one hangs out with negatively oriented entities, he slowly becomes one himself. But, life lessons aside, let's go back to the topic :-) This is a smaller bike from HD collection of beauties.

It is almost completely customized and very appealing to the eye. Full black, except for the seat and fellies. I like the seat by itself but I have my doubts about it. The retro style looks awesome, what nobody can deny. However, I m not sure my significant backside would last more than an hour in it. :-) Before judgements, we need to take into account that the bike was designed for city ride, where looks come before all else. Another downside of that coolness is that one cannot take a passenger, which might prove to be a loss for the night. :D

Let's inspect the other details. This is quite an expensive set of semi-open mufflers packing a deep rev sound but still not so hostile to the ears of innocent bystanders. My buddy has these on his machine, so I happen to know that their acceptable limits of noise wouldn't make people decide not to ride by your side.

This is the air filter. Its position, apart from looking really cool, increases the airflow to the engine.

The outside chromed suspensions always catch attention.

Fattened back tyre.

The front white felly, as in old school HDs.

The "dashboard" is simple. Free of all meters except the speedometer, just like it is supposed to be on city models. One doesn't need any additional distractions when riding surrounded by cages. You, who know your bikes, already figured out this was an HD Iron before the customization, right? ;)

By the way, Bojan is so well organized that coffees arrive from a nearby coffee shop on call. My time to have one. :-)

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Wow. Exceptional @velimir
There is no one else I spend as much time with as Joel and Tom. 90% of my daily interaction happens with these two guys. The power they have is therefore incredible. I'm highly influenced and seek to be from them and their input. I know, because of their actions, experience, and daily work, the only impact this can have on me is a positive one. It is pushing me higher and onto the next level every day.

I'm the average of Tom and Joel:)
So i know you are going to do some exceptional things with Bojan around you. Keep it up friend.
Whether you want it or not, I believe this is how it works. The people you spend the most time with make you.
Bojan at it again. Who doesnt love Black.
You really lectured well about all the part. I have learnt a lot about bikes since yesterday's "Bojan" series and i must say that its very interesting to own a bike.. There are a lot of things i thought were just for fancy on bikes, but now i see that they all have their roles to play. My favorite pic is the fattened back tire. When i saw it, i just remembered Dark Night. The batman's automobile. One can only think of how the speed and acceleration of this masterpiece.. Because i think from my little knowledge of bikes, a fattened rear tire helps keep the back wheel aligned with the front wheel throughout the turns. Its so cool because it employs a “beastie” appearance :) and ofcourse it had to be more comfortable. I have it in my unconscious that you are a "tough" guy because i generally take bikers to be tough guys. If you ride on that fattened tire, that means you are double tougher :). Thank you for the informative and classic post. I learnt today.
But i have a question to ask
When, technically, should you change tires on a motorcycle? How do you know, exactly?

hey buddy. this is not my bike, as you read lol I don't have an extra fat back tire. I ride standard, which is fat but not THAT fat. Technically you should change it when the pattern becomes shallower than 2-3mm depending on the local regulations ;) Thank you @eveokonma it is true all you wrote! :)

Lol. Okay. Thanks for the correction, i think i skipped the part you mentioned that probably because i thought maybe you had learnt so much from Bojan that you did some pimping on your own bike. I appreciate the correction and thank you for confirming @eveokonma's answer. Have a great one.

Okay. I dont know much about bikes but a friend of mine sitting beside me who is a biker just gave me his answer. He changed his and he complained that it was because the tread depth decreased and reached the measure point. That was when he decided to change the tyres. Hope you understand. The tires gets practically bald and its a little too risky for a rider as it offers little to no grip on flat surfaces, forget cornering. So his advice is that you do not wait out till the tyres are completely bald. Also he changes the tires when he notices a change in handling. Many times on high performance motorcycles tires wear oddly and even though they may not be all the way down to the wear bars, handling can be effected. Just hope that helped you. And @velimir. I am sorry i answered on your behalf. I judt loved the post and wanted to contribute to @georgechuks question.

Thank you so much for your answer. It was really helpful. I have learnt another today. Take care of your self.

She is a beauty! :)

I whant to buy moto byke and travel in Taiwan in next year

I always dream about having a customised bike, but its a shame that they are not available in my contry and the cost of importing a costomised bike is way too high, like 500k-1000k $...too much tax imposed.
Getting back to the post, I love the air filter design and its positioning.
What are the hp of this beauty???

Oh, I m not sure because it might have been changed during the makeover. Originally it was Iron 900ccm, please check the HD specs for details.

this is a chic motorcycle, I can only guess what sound beautiful half-open mufflers will produce. I like how you pay attention to individual details, I appreciate it. A simple and informative dashboard, what else is needed to feel freedom? beautiful bike and road;)
thank you read with pleasure

Very informative posts. I concur with most of what you said. Thats a heavy bike there. Great job.
It doesn't matter how smart you are. It doesn't matter how talented you are, which skills you have, where you are born, or which family you came from. All that counts if you want to be successful in life is the people you surround yourself with.

Please enjoy your coffee @velimir. As for the byke, it is quite ,cute the only downside being that it is designed only for the rider.

very nice motorcycle you share...
All motorcycle is very nice
Thnx for share this motocycle with us..

Harley Davidson = Dream Machine. I have a friend who could kill for one :)
I can understand his passion for everything Harley.

Enjoy your coffee, Velimir! :-)

motorcycle is a philosophy of life

İnanılmaz süper birşey

Ini adalah cara yang tepat untuk membangun Saya tidak menghormati penulis yang tidak jujur. Juga, blogger benar-benar peduli!

Saya benar-benar sangat menyukai postingan anda

I had a lot of fun while reading this.

Amazing post :) thx

Bizlerin en güzel yaptıgı hayata tutunmaktır

this is awesome , i can remeber an old vespa my dad use to ride when i was i kid .

it was something like this, but an old and cranky one..

i love this post

İyiler herzaman kazanır

Wow great shots @velimir ! Nice close up shots of you motorcyle!

motorcycle adventure documentary

motorcycle adventure documentary

Your bike posts are also common, especially today's bike is different from its wheel. @velimir

Great post brother,,
I like..
Thank you..
U're always the best...

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you 💏😘

Oh My God! You nailed it. Sucha beautiful written post and some classy pictures. Coo, stuff @velimir. Hope you like my blogs as well and follow me.

dear @velimir
i read your post.... i like it..

sexy bike

Lovely post it has a lot of charm

Something is very wrong with you

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