Crypto-city and free live crypto/trading lessons ? A review (OC content)

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I've been ignoring for quite sometime now, everytime I take a look it seems to be the same drama/fudders and bullsh!t so now as I said I ignore it unless I need to grab an updated wallet or reading main OP's now and then.

I have felt for a long time that Bct needed to replaced by something far better for years now, most attempts I have seen have basically been copies or "Clones" of the forum with little to no improvements so there is not much reason to bother switching.

Enter It has a different feel than most and was obviously created for people interested in and already participating in Cryptocurrencies or are new to the world and would like some honest advice about day trading on the markets.

The site has interesting crypto communities already started as well as a few other communities (or start your own) It also has a very user friendly feel to it that is easy to navigate.

Other features including trading/crypto classes that not only the creator and admins can host/organize but users are able to create their own events/classes also. The site has a similar message system to facebook, It has chat rooms that feel comparable to irc/feenode etc with audio/video capabilities which were very handy during the free 2 hour class/lesson I personally received from the sites creator earlier tonight.

I've been into Cryptos and watching the Markets for over 3 years now so when Chantha Lueung offered to give me a personal trading/crypto lesson I was curious as to what he had to teach me that I hadn't already picked up on my own.

(Stic man - "So focused")

Thanks to sites like Steemit there is going to be a serious influx of new crypto users looking for honest answers and not to be bombarded by scammers and hype teams like they are when they find themselves Noobs in crypto-land on the Bct forums. So I was very interested in hearing what kind of Advice Chantha had to offer me not knowing me or my understanding of cryptos.

I am very pleased to say Chantha did not try any of the tactics I was half expecting him to try. There was no pump group talk, No trying to push coins or "hype trains"on me, No trying to sell me anything . Infact the trading technique he showed me is very logical and I feel they will be very useful for me when I apply them to the right coins. It is very similar to what I already do but different...

He showed me the difference between the swing trading I normally do (day-week-month trading) and actual day trading that I do once and a while and have almost always had consistent success with. I can honestly say if I used more discipline with my trading I would be in a lot better position than I am now. lol I knew I had been wasting a lot of time and my near 2 hour talk and trading session with Chantha only re confirmed it.

I believe steemit has the potential to replace Reddit if the devs continue to make the site better and work out the bugs before it's out of "beta"

Maybe Synereo/AMP will turn out to be the replacemnt for Facebook (they've spent eons working on it)

But perhaps Crypto-city has given us something that is much needed in the Crypto realm and that is a replacement for the Bct forums and it's high % of anon shill/scammer users with numerous puppet accounts preying on unsuspecting newbs.

I had a good experience on Crypto-city and would feel comfortable directing people to it that are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and trading. I look forward to using it in the future

Two thumbs up from me. Thanks for taking the time to read my work

( I was not paid for this review. Nor will I be unless you see fit to share an upvote, so please do if you found it useful.)

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