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Let us take pretty little violinist recalls with this heartbreaking fate ...
Back again in the Waif-... or perhaps precisely "Baper Wednesday" with me this week. This time we will discuss Kaori-... sorry, I mean not the Kaori gave tsun-tsun with our mascot, Shimako. Kaori will we discuss this time is the beautiful violinist, Miyazono Kaori from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

A little personal opinion about "Your lie in April", though it has elements of music and romance are strong, but I feel this series is more precisely elegant genre look like "tragedy" to me.

In early episodes, we were taken to the introduction of the music, in the middle of the start romance and drama was rocked with the competition, and was swayed by the tragedy at the end of the story. Like a roller coaster ride of feels where at the end of the trip you accidentally made fall from his chariot by the author.

Before starting a session of bapernya, it's good we encourage ourselves first, with wonderful music of encouragement, Hikaru Nara by the Goose House:

May Miyazono Kaori was just one of the many that baper had heroine I screening before starting to write this article. I ultimately chose Kao-chan is a deep impression of Kao-chan I continue to remember it.

Obstinacy in the face of life even though with such a weak body condition. With the hope that the spirit of Kao-chan in the face of life can be contagious to the reader of this article.

  • Your typical cheerful girl


    Joy always posed by Kao-chan can give positive energy to people around him. No exception of nearby friends like Tsubaki, Watari, and especially Kousei.

You are guaranteed if the controversy will never have a girlfriend like Kao-chan, she will attempt to menyemangatimu in any circumstances and in any way.

  • Children's best friends


    Who's not happy with the girls who are friendly and well liked by children?

A big plus for the value of any existing law in this country. So if you consider the Kao-chan as waifu yours then I congratulate you! Since you already chose the waifu will understand how to take care of young children.

  • Born for Music


    I did not observe good music, but at least I agree with the principle of "playing music with all my heart and soul". Not be bound by technical rules, as well as sheet note that determines the tone should be played.

Although often deviated from the standard, but Kao-chan game proves the violins are able to make the people who watch it berdecak amazed and gave him a standing applause.

But behind all of that, you have to be careful against Kao-chan loh ... wrong-wrong you can match report: hit (either physically, mentally, or feeling ...)

– Chick Rough


Early introduction of Kaori with Kousei tinged with incident undershot. Thanks to the first spring breeze has been wagging skirt Kao-chan.

As a normal girl, rage is the first reaction that will surely arise. Although it feels ... somewhat exaggerated if to throw instruments and mencekikkannya to other people (especially of the instrument have others).

For all of you who watched it at home, please do not be imitated ya. Seriously, it is very-very dangerous ...

– Poor Health’s conditions


Maybe you guys will not be aware of the health condition of the Kao-chan if you don't see immediately how his medical records. Kao-chan always appears as a cheerful and energetic girl. Obviously there will be no thinks if it turns out she suffered complications that required him to repeatedly is above the operating table.

Fortunately all manner of operating and maintenance cost Kao-chan can be borne by his family, if you can imagine that must bear them?

– A pretty good ' wild '


I'm not really sure what can be said to be deficient. Because basically Kao-chan do this to keep the feeling of Tsubaki. Kao-chan first appeared before the gang Kousei as a potential girlfriend or comes from Watari.

Although in the end found out also if it's all just pretending, and Kao-chan had not told the truth until he picked her up.

But I think it has been very clear. Because Kao-chan often take the time to modusin the true love of Kousei, small. By reason of the invitation and had made me think "Njir, world modusnya really. Kousei aja gak sensitive ".


I suggest you guys practise sensitivity, so that is no longer fooled by girls who like this. Pity also the tablets if he harbored those feelings constantly: ')

Oh, but do not kegeeran also Yes, because ' si he ' near you right now isn't necessarily there is also the feeling of you.

Rather than pressing keyboard keys ' F ', as the cover's good we set this song to honor at once give farewell against the deceased Kao-chan. ..


Goodbye Yuujin A-kun ...

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