Retrospective of my year in photos.

in retrospective •  15 days ago

Last year I started with a travel to Taipei-Taiwan for few days….

...With my brother


And then we went to Vietnam not knowing what will the future lay under our feet for the next 3 months.


I met some awesome friends in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam:


Did some photoshoot:


Worked on an online concept store: TheAnswer


Got introduced into Steem by a close friend aka @theshinstory on January, and I wrote this IntroduceYourself on February:

Got introduced into Fundition by @theshinstory as well and started my Crowdfunding Journey:

Did my first steemit meet up in Ho Chi Minh City:


Went back to France because I had to go to work at my actual job…along the way met some awesome friends !

Witnessed the world cup won by the french team.

Went to the Liberty Festival in Croatia:


Started to work with SoundLyte


Witnessed one of my best friend’s most beautiful day:

IMG_3673 copie.jpg

Went to Steemfest 3 and met many awesome people including: @bitrocker2020 @travelgirl @joannewong @aaronleang @rhondak @gmuxx @akipponn @sho-t @manncpt etc

IMG_20181109_172138 (1).jpg

Finally ends the year by playing game with

A special High Kick to @hightouch for trusting me over the past year

A special High Five to @goyard for encouraging me everyday

A special thanks to @burakakdogan for being the nicest guy in the team

To an awesome team: @camilo @free999enigma @Pennsif @Zen-Art @overmybrain

Friends along the way: @cnylmz @siavach @ekitcho @siamcat @leotrap

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You have made a wonderful summary of the year 2018, I am glad you are working among us and the energy you bring to our team and to the communities is really incredible. May the year 2019 prosper in the same way or even better.

Happy new years again :D

Lovely whole year memory ❤️


Thanks Siamcat! Next year we'll meet right? :)


I think you mean this year 2019 😸❤️

Wooow M! You have a great eye for photos... hope you can get an amazing! 2019 by the way with the double of satisfaction!!!!
Love from South AmericaLand!!!


Thanks a lot Leo! Been super awesome to meet you in 2018! :)


Totally the same!

Looks like you had an awesome year darling! I wish that this next one turns out the be an even better one for you!!!


Oh yes thank you! Let's work even harder in 2019 ...or maybe let's not be sick in 2019 hehe

Nice photos around the world!

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Thank you Sho-T, been nice to meet you at Steemfest in 2018 :)