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We know many may have heard and even participated in the massive Byteball Airdrop yet. Nevertheless we still wanna help out those that missed it so far.


2 simple steps to get up to $160 + 5 free Resteems to nearly 10500 Steemians:


  • Since there are many bots around to snipe referee join our new official Discord Channel and we will talk you through the easy process of claiming your Byteball Airdrop worth up to $160
  • After you have claimed the airdrop we will resteem 5 posts for free (you decide which posts your next 5 or maybe you wanna save up some free resteems for posts to come)


Even if you have already joined the Airdrop make sure to drop by in our new Discord Channel to be able to get additional free resteems in random events or via our post promotion channel!


@yougotresteemed when does the byteball thing expire? Thanks

They basically said never but they are talking about changing the rules and rewards since there are a bunch of bots involved now.

Your balance is below $0.028. @dustsweeper is now disabled for your account until you transfer new funds. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq


seems you already claimed your airdrop! thanks for dropping by though!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!


Please send byte for my address


Yes, I do.

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So you haven't claimed the byteball airdrop yet?

In that case join our discord and we will talk you through the process and after that you will get 5 free resteems from us!

I recommend this service.
Thanks for your help :D