What's wrong with Resteeming Services

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The problem with using Resteem Services is not getting Upvote from the seller, nor paying up to 1 SBD if the followers audience is higher than 10,000

The real problem is that you don't know if you will be scammed or not.

There must be a way of getting some interaction with the seller and trust must be created. I, normally check ☑ with them first by sending a 0.001 Memo 📝 asking availability. Also, is very important that the Resteemer do not resteem crap which is the case most of the times.

The cheaper the Resteemer, the Greater the crap you receive.

Always look at reputation number, and the ratio Followers/Following. The lower the number, the higher the noise.

Also Resteeming timing is very important. Must be closed to real time or done at intervals of time as to not burry old posts. Resteeming must be done LIFO: Last In, First Out.

In my case, I created this account @resteem.english to post English topics outside my main subject matter. But also to have a channel for resteeming in which I will upvote back whatever amount they are sending.

Not only I will Upvote back what they are sending, but also Resteem the posts not latter than 8 hours, in case post arrives while sleeping.

In this account whoever follows me it is because they decided to do so. In no way I am following anyone so that they follow me. It is the other way around: I will follow whoever follows me.

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If you plan on resteem at fixed intervals, what happens when you get a surge of orders? Under LIFO, the newest order is always resteemed and older orders don't get resteem until past expiry. It's the worst possible system for a resteem service.

If you plan to resteem at intervals, it should be first in first out, with automatic refund if the post is past payout when it comes up in queue.


Not in agreement. FIFO will just cause old post to be buried, not seen by people landing on the page, unless they scroll. Time intervals will be defined at least to a minute. No need to refund, because whatever transfer is made will be match by upvote. In theory the resteeming will cost zero. Why? Because I am upset at being scammed by resteemers. So I decided to run my own show, correcting the problems I am living myself as user.


Okay, then what is your response to this part?

Under LIFO, the newest order is always resteemed and older orders don't get resteem until past expiry.

Any LIFO system with fixed time intervals will result in older orders not getting filled when average orders exceed 1 per minute.

to be honest, at first I did not really understand what´s all about those bots.

Just go and keep posting good content.
The rest will follow.


Bots are important fire minnows. Allow Networks to grow a little bit and also do some marketing.

You have Resteeming Bots and Upvote Bidding Marketing Bots.

Regarding Resteeming Bots the only real is @resteembot. The rest are just persons presenting themselves as bots, when they are not.

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Thank you fo the reply.


Networking is about sharing knowledge, information, tools, techniques and methods, and hacks that allow us to reach our goals and objectives, and wherever they may be.

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Steemit does not work that way.

I will follow you if:

  • Your theme is of my interest and you publish quality content that I like
  • Never ask for following

Yes i know that :) I hope i will post content that will interest you. And your answer is a bit... unfriendly. That's not how steemit works :)


Not unfriendly. What you are doing is defined in steemit.com as spam. Check guidelines and see them by yourself

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