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RE: Tired of sending payments around for a single resteem??

in #resteem5 years ago

Flaged for multiple account spam, comment spam and tag spam.

the accounts of the spammer:

main account:

spam accounts:

automated comment spam:

our tags he is spamming:
#resteembot, #bestofresteembot, #winwithresteembot, #resteembotvip


Sure, if publishing one post a day is spam then you're the mother of spam. .

We use "your" precious tag now because you flag every single post of ours.

We know you don't like competitors, troll kid.
( hilarious, just one example. :'D )

PS. In reply to the new accusations of the troll kid ( / @flauschi / many downvote accounts closed by admins) :

  • gaottantacinque only owns gasaeightyfive

  • The automated comment is only on comments, see link below

  • He claims #resteembot that existed even before he joined. We use 1 of "his" tags a day as retaliation for the reasons explained below:

Wow must be time consuming for you to keep spamming my posts MANUALLY.. :'D

Yeah, we all know that even your name is a lie You do everything manually. No resteems during your night time, how come?? :'D
Are you lonely all the way down here? :'D

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