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RE: FREE RESTEEM + 0.03$ upvote! Commеnt to win a $0.20 upvotе. First 3 gеt a $0.10 upvotе! {BOT: OFF} Oct 07 - quotе of thе day

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Hi @bit-trader, thanks for passing by. I have been mining it since its launch but I recently stopped advertising it on my posts because the referral bounty is much lower now. You convinced me though to re-add the referral link. Take care! =]


N/P @marcocasario I use an old laptop and 2 old phones to mine #JSE, I also have it embedded on 3 of my websites!

Now I am just waiting for the 48,000 of them that I currently own to become worth more than $.002 each!!😁😁

I believe in the project over the long term which is why I haven't stopped mining yet.

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Same! Good luck to both them =]

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