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RE: FREE RESTEEM + 0.03$ upvote! Commеnt to win a $0.20 upvotе. First 3 gеt a $0.10 upvotе! {BOT: OFF} Oct 07 - quotе of thе day

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@marcocasario I am definitely going to get the upvote service! As for JSE I 💯agree that it is a solid project! I have followed it from the first week. 2 years now and it is still growing!🤑

So folks can still use the above link and join JSE to install one line of code and embed JSE on their site, plus all the tools to easily add a payment processor on their sites to accept JSE and they are working on adding BTC and ETH along with it!

Also it's an awesome advertising project as well! Talk soon,

Thanks for your support of #plankton like me 😎💪❤


Hi @bit-trader, thanks for passing by. I have been mining it since its launch but I recently stopped advertising it on my posts because the referral bounty is much lower now. You convinced me though to re-add the referral link. Take care! =]

N/P @marcocasario I use an old laptop and 2 old phones to mine #JSE, I also have it embedded on 3 of my websites!

Now I am just waiting for the 48,000 of them that I currently own to become worth more than $.002 each!!😁😁

I believe in the project over the long term which is why I haven't stopped mining yet.

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Same! Good luck to both them =]

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