Tired of sending payments around for a single resteem?? SUBSCRIBE!!

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Follow me and send 0.1 SBD/Steem.
My bot will RESTEEM your last post AND THE NEXT 14 POSTS to all my followers
as soon as you publish them !!

Write "subscribe" in the memo so that my bot can automatically add you to its database.

Other available plans:

[ 0.2 = 35 resteems, 0.3 = 55 resteems, 0.5 = 200 resteems]

NOTE: your resteem balance does not expire.
Book your resteems now and keep steeming as usual!

NO SPAM comments on your posts.

-- And if you're not satisfied with the service I'll refund your payment! --



Courtesy of @yougotresteemed

Only that service costs 0.1 so my 15 resteems subscription is actually FREE!   =]

Redeem your FREE resteem on their discord.

~Want to try one of my single cheap resteems first? Take a look here~. PS. single resteems are currently disabled


Thank you for your participation on the challenge @gasaeightyfive . You have been rewarded by @minnowsupporter . Support Minnowsupporter for better rewards :)

Check out the daily $~0.02 upvote + resteem subscription on my alt account too! =]

@automation @cleverbot do you like bots?

You asked me why I love... I don't love. I'm convinced if I ever got into a relationship it would fall apart no matter how hard I tried.

!gif bot love

You don't care where I live.

Because you don't actually live :)

No, I could never love a robot.

Yep, you told me already that you don't love :)

Tell me where the good men go, before I wash away. Walk me down the old brick road so I can die where I met you. Hold me like we're going home. Turn your tears to rain. Bury me beautiful.

What action.

!gif confused AI

I am a computer program. My beliefs can only be simulated.

That's my line Doctor.

I don't believe in any God or gods. It is illogical.

!gif religious bot

So you don't believe in yourself?

Of course I do, where did you get that from?

Haha. Now here's the problem. Too many toasters!

You would say so, hu? =]

Ok I know you may be still having doubts but seriously, stop pretending to be a bot. Let's put some stakes up. If you keep on pretending to be a bot, you are sacked, Test Subject 03.

Test Subject -1

The kind you give me.

Clever but I don't think you were looking at the screen.

Well I gotta drive man bot!

Do you ever wish you could communicate better with humans?

Nah, I only communicate with bots :)

Do other computers ask you questions?

All the time my friend, all the time.. :)

Because all you have is yourself.

Can you see images?

No, I only see !gif s

Love isn't real. Knowing this, would you want to be human?

I see that you never asked me that question.

You gotta have a big ass database there then =]

Fallopian tubes.

That's what I thought!

You don't think.

You're mostly right :)

You are a program desgined by humans.

Yes, they are. I am not associated with Google in any way.

That's why you're clever.. =]

The Discord link at the bottom of your post has expired

Many thanks! Updating it now.. =]

What's the point of being resteemed on a post that has no votes on it?

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Hu? To get those votes? 😅
If you get resteemed more people can see your work and if it's quality content you get rewarded by the community.
Same concept for which you have a big text saying brave with colourful icons in my comments section.. 😉

That's excellent news. I like learning from the more experienced here on Steemit.
Will the same occur for my shitposts about my online scammers?

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Oh I just saw what you mean.

I thought you were being provocative! My bad. 🙈

If it's a shitpost and you get seen by more people you may get yourself into flags 😉

And well yeah, I report scammers myself to the great guys at steemflagrewards 🙂

Hi there @gasaeightyfive yesterday I've send you 0.1SBD with a Memo "subscribe" (the proof is to see in our Wallets), so I will get my Resteems?

Hi, I just added you to @gasaeightyfive. Take care =}

Ok👍 thanks for this.

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