Tricked Observation: We Got Charged Extra? Pt.1

in #restaurant3 years ago


I wrote about my colleague Kurt who got angry at a burger joint not so long ago:
Burger Observation: Hangry Much? (Part One, Part Two)

Today I have another story about Kurt who managed to get angry at another restaurant, however this time I'm more leaning on Kurt's side.

Kurt knows that I enjoy a good cheap steak, so he came up to me and told me about this place down at Darling Harbour which was doing a $12 steak lunch deal.

I was pretty excited about this, so that day we went there early to make sure we got a seat. Before we went in Kurt made sure to check with the staff if the lunch special of the $12 steak was still available.

We sat down and straight away ordered as we already knew we were all going to order the $12 steak.

Waiter: "Can I take your order?"
Kurt: "Yes please, I'll have the steak lunch special, cooked medium."

Waiter: "Sure, would you like chips or mash with that."
Kurt: "Mash please"

Waiter: "And what source would you like? We have black pepper, mushroom source"
Kurt: "I'll get the mushroom source please"

The rest of us ordered the same thing, and we were all looking forward to the steak.

To Be Continued…


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