Burger Observation: Hangry Much? Pt.1

in #food3 years ago


My colleagues and I had heard of this burger place located at Darling Harbour a few weeks ago, so we decided to check it out at lunch time.

The three of us got down there pretty early just after 12:00pm and saw that the line was still short. "We should go line up now, in case the line gets longer" I said, but Kurt from my group wanted to check out the other shops around that place first as he thinks that the line won't get too long.

So we walked around the whole area and came back around 15 minutes later, and guess what? The ling was long…
Anyways we got in line and waited for a good 10 minutes before getting to order our food, we waited and waited and during this time you could tell that Kurt was getting hangry and hangry.

After 20 minutes of wait, Kurt did something that made me so embarrassed and everyone in the office still talk about till this day.

To Be continued…



enjoy😊 your meal🍔🍟

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