Three Dives Restaurant Review: Negril, Jamaica

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Three Dives, West End, Negril, Jamaica

Jamacia August 2007 035.jpg
3 Dives Menu

Steven Jamaica 2014 929.jpg
Metal Drum Used For Cooking Jerk

This famous Jamaican restaurant is situated up West End Road, nestled on the beautiful cliffs, pretty much directly in between @Miyards and Ricks Cafe (2 km either direction). Three Dives offers some of the best jerk chicken in all of Negril. Back in the day, Anthony Bourdain even visited this specific location to try their world famous jerk (originally featured on PBS). The video below is pretty cool but unfortunately this was not at Three Dives. I thought this video was still worth a share, though. If you want to see the PBS video of Anthony Bourdain, then you have to purchase on Amazon.

Negril’s annual jerk festival is also hosted by Three Dives Jerk Centre. This well known spot has been voted by many as a top pick, and for good reason, too. Their homemade brown jerk sauce and lobster are the best you’ll taste on the West End of Jamaica. For a small cover (about US$5), you gain access and entry to tasty eats prepared by the area and island’s best jerk chefs at an all day and night festival. That's hard to beat.

View from Cliffs at 3 Dives

Jerk Chicken Meal

Steven Jamaica 2014 586.jpg
Sunset View From 3 Dives Cliff Area

Steven Jamaica 2014 915.jpg
More Food Porn At 3 Dives

Anything from jerk lobster to chicken and pork. You also get to watch your meal grilled before your very eyes as you mingle with locals and visitors across the various picnic tables and benches at 3 Dives. Facing the sea, on the cliffs of Negril, Three Dives offers the perfect venue to eat and relax under the stars. Any other day, it still serves up some of the best jerk in town, you just have to show up after 4 p.m. and come ready to eat.

Everyday in 2007 when we stayed the cliffs at Samsara Resort, I made @super-irie take me here because it was seriously that good. But when you go, be careful with the special brown sauce - it's deadly hot! If you like spicy, then this is your joint.

Three Dives Jerk Centre

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Also shared on 3 Dives Facebook page here:

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Setting the trend for the future now. Loving the reviews and the perspective bro. Man I could go for some jerk lobster right now.

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Ya mon doing my due diligence :)
I could go for some 3 dives - always

Soon come 🇯🇲

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Their Curry Chicken was one of the best things I have ever eaten in my entire life. Seriously.


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Gotta get me one of those there cards to hang on my frig.

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Add to the collection

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I’ll have to put the curry chicken on my menu for June.

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@conradsuperb i believe such restaurants like this would be good for an outdoor date and one will really enjoy the experience,i would love to visit there when next i visit jamaica,i do not know if you can help me with the direction to the place,a google map could do,..thanks...

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You’re right on. There’s a covered balcony area or there’s an outside seating area. Both great, but prefer the outside patio/picnic area overlooking the cliffs and Caribbean Sea. Doesn’t get any better 😎

Yes, actually @super-irie is posting a map of the cliffs soon. I’ll be sure to tag your moniker in the comments so you can have a look. I can always add a google map in too


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Huge, I mean huge plate of food.
Not only quantity, but quality.
At a reasonable price.
Can not beat that.

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The best of the best of Negril

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