When The Price Is Low Keep Your Content Output High And still Earn like a BOSS

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Are you a loyal member of the Steemit community? Do you post when the market bottoms out and all of our so called Steemians abandon us until the next spike in the market? Don't be discouraged about posting. Now is the time to earn when no one else is buzzing about crypto! How you ask.... well you gotta press play to find out!

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My goal here in Steemit is to stay true and live up to the expectation of the block chain system. Producing quality content while educating our audience is key.

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Preciate that gem big dog! Definitely will put that steembottracker to use. Thats a way better alternative to shooting in the dark w/ all these damn vote bots


glad to help g

I am extremely new to the community but I have already read so many times on different posts how in the end it is all about putting in your time and commiting yourself to the community and in turn the community will return the favor! Not much of an investment strategy if you raise anchor and flee at the first sign of an unknown ship so to speak. I feel that with as many people actively invested in the steemit community as there are, I have no fear of dropping anchor and sticking around to fight off the pirates (Okay, all done with the cheezy metaphors but I think it was kind of fun dont you?). Anyways now that i've rambled on enough about boats I'll end this comment with a..Hello! Nice to meet you my names Chris and thanks for rallying people to stay and fight the pirates!! (sorry I know I promised I was done but I saw an opening and took it ;) )


well I encourage you to stay faithful and keep your content interesting and you will succeed!

Sending max suggested bid is quite like to send the vote into negative ROI if other people bid after you. The smarter thing to do is to send a smaller bid than the max suggested to make sure it stays in the positive.

You can also check the last bidding round stats to see if it was a positive or negative vote which is helpful.

excellent information buddy. I will consider your information while posting on steemit. Thanks by the way ....I will ensure to follow you from now...

Only a few people working like a boss at the time of the low price! :D


Im guilty of it

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daily return good amount amazing trading

Thanks a lot for the motivating post. i was about to give up but after reading your post i got encouraged. I got quality content but was not getting readers but let me keep my head high. I will get there like top bloggers


Maybe go easy on the affiliate links in your content and include a few images to break up the text.