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Written and directed by @rest100 for the steemit community by a steemit community leader! Enjoy.

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Do You Love The Song "Steeming" By: @rest100

Own your copy today by simply sending 1 SBD or 1 Steem to @rest100 and remember to include a valid email in the memo and a mp3 version will be sent to you in 24- 48 hours.


The Steem’s future gets increasingly more attractive day by day.

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Heyyyy chica!

Best of luck

This is dope! As a fellow musician i Loved it! The flow is infectious, lyrics are dynamic and music melodic. Great composition brother! Keep the steem flowing!

Appreciate it brutha

love your posts dude...and agree most of the great advice & views you provide...BUT...I highly disagree with your views on cryptos. I am 100% against this and ANY other tech that promotes 5G and the internet in general. Life ( our world ) was MUCH better and MUCH freeér before the internet was rolled out. I would give up this computer with glee if it would be. I have no cell phone...no bank account and never had a credit card or loan etc. I am ( and will never allow myself to be ) part of the problem.
Billions of productive hours wasted EACH DAY by these cellphone zombies...the elite are overjoyed with the mindless slaves and their ease of management. We either go RETRO and fast...or were doomed. Dump your tech toys...stop paying for your enslavement...they need us & our $$$...if you STOP feeding ( funding ) the monster...it shrinks & dies. !!!

I feel you but one step at a time lol

Thank you for this! It made my day. I resteemed, followed you on Youtube and commented. Cheers.

You a winner in my book! Also following


Damn cool stuff. Will play this on the next #SteemMeetupAachen at March 22nd

This is the first post I have seen of yours & I love this song!! It was so well done & I found myself moving to the beat. I am a newbie to the community but absolutely fell in love with steem & steemit. Everyone is amazing & I feel fired up again. :)

Thanks for the awesome video!! Keep on steeming :)

P/S I need to get shades like that he he

Let me be the first to welcome you to our utopia!

Thanks so much!! Excited to be here! :)

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@rest100 -ordered the song.

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Not the first time i saw this video ;)
But its all good, get your hustle on Bro...
You got new music, too?

I do coming soon!

🤔 I need to resteem this.

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Steem blockchin is future of the world.join here , change the world

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Some confussion are raised to ne user here.

Best wishes

hola excelelte dame tu voto

Let us keep moving steem and steemit forward

I sure hope Steemit replaces facebook.

As popular as Facebook, but to become a replacement? I don't think so!

I like this post, keep the spirit of working

What an anthem you got there

hey, I wanted to promote this in twitter, we have a big community there promoting steem. I want to tag you there, how can I find you there ?

I replied to your inbox

Let's steem it up

great, this is progressing little by little, I like it

Wow! Amazing man. I am really enjoying the content. Thanks a lot.

Love this keep up the good work

Superb Anthem @rest100 Loved it.

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Echt geil geworden ^^

Hey brotha check this out my first time trying to make a good flow hahaha

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que locura!

I love this! 🤣

Thanks for this really Helpful post...

good article, sir

this my art, water colur painting
athirapally falls in kerala21149971_1333467660112886_7848890558785560442_n.jpg

I love marck

interesting song, we should organize some contest where everyone could propose a song, and at the end vote for the best

Nice info

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Hey your art is fine, but I think you're taking it very seriously ..;)

We need to Promote Steem in various Social media then we get lot of new users hear.

Nice information, Thanks for the Sharing

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This is great :D

Excited to be here! :)
thank-you man

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someone please vote for me, I need to pay my university :(

hi every one follow me upvote me please i am promoting Steemit in Pakistan

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