Be Original originality stands out on Steemit

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Only way tho shine is to be unique. Music is my life so unoriginal artist become a turn off. Keep it real with your self. Who are you?

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My goal here in Steemit is to stay true and live up to the expectation of the block chain system. Producing quality content while educating our audience is key.

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That is exactly what proof of brain should reward: Originality with a capital O. This platform can truly reward quality content creators from all walks of life and become a universal social platform based on the value of meritocracy. Glad you joined this platform and wishing you success on here.

Season's Greetings everyone!

Yup.. It's always best to be authentic....

Very good info here jeep sharing

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You can never go wrong with being original. This is what I like about Steemit, it brings out the artist in us just like you. It lets us express the creativity in our own way in different fields that we can do without boundaries. Keep it up you are making the Steemit community proud of what you are doing :) Have a good one!

You're right, I really do see Steemit spreading over the months and years, and one day gaining the reputation that Facebook, Twitter or other social media have. I just fear that Cryptos and the concept of blockchain might be too complex for the common crowd

I enjoy my authenticity everyday! Lots of people can't stand it though 😜

once again rest100 once again.... i'm becoming a regular follower of your posts, not just because the raw honest content, but your success on this platform is very motivational. my homie @theoccultcorner and I were just talking about you the other day. just know your an inspiration to a lot of minnows out there with whaled dreams bro.. @rest100 thanks again for sharing, always on the lookout for your next work..

I definitely appreciate that homie stay true and a whale will believe in you.... I’m dedicated here and I wanna be the next whale to bring up a deserving minnow!

that's whats up... you got "it" man, and its natural for you, keep pushin!

Im trying to bring my fun topics to steemit so.. My artistry is crazy #standout

I dont agree with you any less, originality is key, in trying to earn we must uphold good and wholesome content.

Thanks for being real

Great post! Excellent! Great advice! Two thumbs up my Friend! I am still working on my first post. I need to post something positive and make others happy. Positive energy! Wishing everyone the best of health and happiness! :)

Yeah @extraterreatrial positivity helps a lot here and in real life. Steem on

So true...comparing Migos to Wu-Tang is like comparing Remy XO to wine spritzers. Wine spritzers are just so.....cute.

So very true. Being original and being passionate for what you do is key. I'm finding out that persisting with what I believe in and passionate about will eventually get the audience I want, start from the bottom and fight to the top.


It is not an easy climb @ricksterblogs but only by being true and loving what you post here makes it all worthwhile [email protected]

Yes! It's always best to be authentic.

True in a world of counterfeit, authenticity is a pricel was gem great we have this post

Being original and different is the main point of this work. What You Say is Right

Nice post original and be yourself...never give up thank for the great content

Hey Sir. @rest100
Waaawoooo its very interesting and amazing. Keep sharing for steemians

Saw your post, gave me the idea for my new series where I share some of my beats, opinions and explications. The first post is out, and presents the 5 first beats of my first beat tape (it's one year old).

As the saying goes, you are the best person in the world at being you, so be yourself !!!

True we have to be our best version of ourselves in here and in real world @focusonmarketing

Love're giving me hope on Steemit!! Best to you!!

Amen brother, keep up the great work.

Originality and Creativity goes pari passu. We have to be creative to make original contents. Thanks for sharing #OWB

Being original makes us unique as well. Two people can never write or do the same thing the same way. For instance, if you tell a group of Secondary school students to write an essay on how they plan to spend their holidays,they are going to have different approach to the question. That is where creativity comes in. Thank you @gratefulayn #OWB

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you

Yeah! I love this message. Original authentic creativity is a virtue to cultivate! Build that crypto!
Maybe we'll see ya in Virtual Reality.

Awesome advice! Thumbs up!

We just need the world to know that there is a blockchain that works better than most of the big names. Free, cheap transactions should be what people want. At least the Steem price is rising, but that's without much publicity. I look forward to big things next year.

Think I was the first to use #skateboarding here on Steemit, not alot of Skate fans here yet though. #doyou #sheskates #betrue #original

Aslında insan ne yaparsa yapsın kendine öz güveni olmasıdır

Great message you are spreading...

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Nice post very interesting post sir .thanks for sharing

Great short video bro. I don't want to be a di**ead but I'm New here. 0 followers :)). I just psoted an article about coin poker a new ICO. brings back the good old poker online.
By the way + upvote for your style .

I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

Bananas !!!

Great setting! This is how everybody will be successful on Steemit in the long term run.

interesting but not bad...

can't hate the player hate the game

Great message. My goal on Steemit is to spread positivity and help motivate others to live their dreams.

Same here @misterw hence I kept posting even of unrewarded

This is so great!! I really Love it!, so helpful in all spheres. Am definitely going to put this to practice and tell my co-steemers about it. Keep up the good work bro ✊

Wow its amezing...

Music is a soul food.And music is love !

very interesting !!
great post....

Outside cast, That's it,Quality content, you write original. Can Be helpful. To everyone . I liked it

I think it's nice to be here on the site

Very good info here jeep sharing

Great dear
(Only resteem i have no vp)

Its actually a creative mind, skill and talent as important factor in steemit community.. And i thought I posses at least 1 of these 3... Which I can share to this community..

Great! Thanks for sharing. Look in my post! ^^

You gotta stay original, getting those views and upvotes is difficult. I make original chill music, I want more to listen haha.

Persistence is the key. Steem on!

@soundwavesphoton I agree more on this. It's hard to get upvote even if ones post original. Sadly. But steem we must as writing and sharing is our battle cry

@rest100 does it really?

Great....i must say i am really inspired. I am new here and i guess being original will pay out soon. Thanks @rest100

arrrriba !!! you got some energy dawg !!!

"Value" is the word that always comes to my mind on this site...provide valuable insights, information, art, etc. and people here will respond. Great post.

But value like most words is relative @chickwithflicks

Main reason why I do what I do is because it's true to me. Thank you for the encouragement fam. Respect the real shit always.

Steemit brings out the originality in us

Your post is advisably true. I have no quams with original contents with some image pictures to support your stories. I follow and upvote you. Do same for me pls.

This pohot its very nice

Hello my name is esma:)

Most important lesson that any artist can and should learn.

Since music is your life, @rest100 and you value originality, I thought to share with you a piece I wrote on The King of Pop, Michael Jackson:

I hope you enjoy it and wish you continued success! Cheers, Yahia

felizitasiones me encanta el video

Thank you for the info very insightful. It can be pretty frustrating when you bring originality to Steemit and it still seems like your going nowhere. I upvoted and am following. I can use all the tips on how this works I can get. Once again thank you!

Agree @dazeyhead I feel you on that being a newbie as well but let's just persist and keep on living it took it makes the difference

The OG of originality!

Make the waves then ride them in your waverunner!

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