Going back to the joy

in resilience •  4 months ago 

There has been a few conversations around me in different circles about tough emotions.

Life isn't for the faint hearted.

If you have a 6 in our profile in Human Design, it's particularly hard when you are young. Other profiles have it hard as well, my knowledge of HD is too tiny to know them for now.

I have been since I can remember, visited by dark thoughts.
Deep longing for the pain to stop. Most of the time, it was more a craving for me to be still, let all pass while time speed up (intuitive knowing that better times would come once I'm off the roof? Maybe...) but sometimes, it was for something, let's say, more definitive.

I'm lucky, I'm stubborn. I'm resilient. All I have lived has build that resiliency muscle in me. The stubbornness has helped me stick to that lifesaving (literally) question and indignation: "there has to be a way".

It may be easier for me because my motivation is hope and got the “ theist” stuff so I have leaned on the idea that I can have invisible forces with me.
The harder bit is going back to joy. Because joy and play is where your Projectioness will light up and get you invitations. I am receiving a very juicing one right now. Still not sure if I should accept it, I have some soundboarding to do.

To whoever is reading this, with an aching heart, please know this:
Life can be very different, even if right now it feels like it can't.

Change one part of the equation, you change the whole equation.

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