Thank You For you Help, Still More to Do

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My reputation is still very low, but not for lack of trying and people's help. -6 is very tough to come back from.

I would like to thank @akin, @smooth, @blueorgy, @williambanks, @bullionstackers, @alphabeta and others. I'm sorry if you've helped me and haven't formally thanked you.

I'm now aware of why I've been given a low reputation. I was downvoted about 2 weeks ago by @berniesanders before the reputation system was created. It has been my only downvote and it came when I was new to the platform and wasn't aware of the unofficial rules. I tried to advertise a post too aggressively. He or she saw this and voted my comment down.

I carry no animosity towards the reputation system or the whale that gave me a downvote. However, I would really appreciate your help and your upvote. I'm sure you can understand the frustration involved in effectively being banned from the platform, since my posts and comments are so hard to find. I didn't get put into this situation by insulting anybody or acting in an uncivilized manner. I did something minor that the whale didn't approve of. If you would like to see for yourself before you decide if helping me out is worth your vote, you can look on and type in my user name.

Thanks in advance,


Is good to see the community help those that in need.
💯 % Great Job done here

I upvoted you, I hope it helps

Congrats on getting repaired @mrzazaful

Thank you!!! You were very helpful!

You need to post in the Steem Slack channel. Get the attention of the founders. They should be able to fix your rep back up.

Okay, but I don't know how to do that. I made a slack profile but I can't find the steem channel. Can you help?

Thanks for the help! I messaged ned, dan, and smooth on that site. Hopefully they read it and decide to help.

@smooth has voted, now your score is positive. He also left some other comments here which may be of interest.

I don't know as I've never joined the channel, this is what I got from Google:


and especially you @smooth

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yo tambien te doy un UPVOTE por ahora es mi granito de arena pronto volveremos a ser visibles

Hey hey! You've been fixed. Congratulations!

Thank you thank you I is you too going it to achieve is looking for whales and write a message to chat to them many will help you

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