Help Me, I Don't Understand Why My Reputation is Low

in #reputation5 years ago (edited)

What has influenced my reputation being in the bottom 1%? I am not a bot and have verified my profile.
I don't see that I had ever been flagged or even down voted. If I have its unclear to me and I apologize for commenting or writing something you don't approve of.

I'm sorry if I've insulted anyone.
But nobody has stated disapproval of my content.
Even in difference of opinions, I have always remained civil and have never trolled.

I don't know what I can do to reverse this because I am below the threshold that forces comments and posts to be blocked.

I support the reputation system, but so far all it has done is exclude me and make me feel extremely unwanted.
I've been trying to help the platform.
My content isn't popular, but it also isn't done without effort.
I guess if this community doesn't want me around, I'll go gently into that good night.
But I believed in this platform and it makes me very sad to do so...

UPDATE: Got a single downvote from @berniesanders on a comment from two weeks ago. So at least I now have an explanation.
@dantheman @ned @dan



Downvoted content is here.

@mrzazaful: please make a new post, so we can help you. This post has paid out, due to a bug it's unable to correct your rep score by upvoting it.

I upvoted you, but you still need another big upvote to get out of -6. For my comments about the issue of the rep system please see here

Looks like you voted right after the payout, so the score is not pushed to positive.

Thank you. If you are still interested in helping I made a new post here

@smooth the upvote didn't take, or it was removed

Keep up the great work @mrzazaful