Banjo Report for Monday, October 16, 2017

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Banjo Report for 2017-10-16 00:15:12 UTC

These are commands available for @banjo on SteemSpeak presented here in report form.


Quotes from The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Why aren't defects fixed more cleanly? First, even a subtle defect shows itself as a local failure of some kind. In fact it often has system-wide ramifications, usually nonobvious. Any attempt to fix it with minimum effort will repair the local and obvious, but unless the structure is pure or the documentation very fine, the far-reaching effects of the repair will be overlooked. Second, the repairer is usually not the man who wrote the code, and often he is a junior programmer or trainee.

$follows banjo

Here's who's following @banjo and their total MVESTS.

banjo's followers: 1,007 (946.757 MVESTS); following: 64 (126.405 MVESTS)


Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Poloniex.

Total Reward Fund: 705,828 STEEM (Worth: $722,768 internally; $765,307 on Bittrex)

$rewardpool golos

Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Bittrex.

Total Reward Fund: 95,059 GOLOS (Worth: 230,937 GBG internally; $9,509 on Bittrex)


According to Mongo:

Today: 221 new accounts (17.681 MVESTS delegated); 34907 active accounts; 15382 posts (7522 authors); 58079 comments (2862 authors); 781298 votes (26733 voters)

Yesterday: 344 new accounts (27.563 MVESTS delegated); 33374 active accounts; 16360 posts (7891 authors); 56665 comments (2836 authors); 713733 votes (24506 voters)

$voting 1440

What is the split between upvotes and downvotes in the last 24 hours?

As of 1 day ago:

775223 upvotes by 26718 voters with 90,924 MVESTS, average weight: 57.650%
4601 downvotes by 263 voters with 6,767 MVESTS, average weight: -37.510%


Current hardfork summary.

Current: 0.19.0; Witness Majority: 0.19.2; Last: 0.19.0 (4 months ago)
Version Votes by Top 100 Witnesses:



1 MV = 1M VESTS = 486.095 STEEM = $497.761 = $527.057 on Bittrex



1 MG = 1M GESTS = 266.459 GOLOS = 647.340 GBG = $28.062


Current supply of STEEM.

Supply: 257,522,888 STEEM (Worth $263,703,437 SBD); $3,486,703 SBD (1.322% of supply); 66,562,011 Liquid STEEM (25.847% of supply)

$supply golos

Current supply of GOLOS.

Supply: 128,096,158 GOLOS (Worth 311,198,314 GBG); 7,135,747 GBG (2.293% of supply); 39,961,844 Liquid GOLOS (31.197% of supply)


Current price of the assets as seen on the exchanges.

Poloniex: USD/STEEM: $1.0677; USD/SBD: $0.9919
Bittrex: USD/STEEM: $1.0843; USD/SBD: $0.9906
Bittrex: USD/GOLOS: $0.1000; USD/GBG: $0.1560

$calcreward ...

Here, we're looking at the top trending post to see the impact it has on the reward pool.

We enjoyed the happy first ever China Suzhou Steemit Meetup this Afternoon ?????????Steemit????????????????????????
About 11 hours old; Net votes: 169; Comments: 79; Views: 434
Total Pending Payout: $245.386 (0.034% the size of reward pool).


Total posts promoted for today and yesterday, including the total burned. This is presented as a ratio of the daily reward pool for comparison.

202 posts promoted today totalling $612.412 (0.085% the size of reward pool).

378 posts promoted yesterday totalling $1,028.356 (0.142% the size of reward pool).

This bot is currently being developed by @inertia. It's written in ruby and uses radiator to access the blockchain and steemdata-rb to query report data.


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