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Just few weeks ago I discussed about magic and witchcraft and islam belief and reviews about it,i also discussed about distinction between and Magic...


The Qura'an refers to the practice of witchcraft in surah 113 (AL Nas). The surah teaches how to seek refuge with Allah against various types of evil. Verse 4 asks for Allah's protection against the evil of "those who blow on knots". It's thought to refer to the practice of certain witches and sorcerer who used to tight a number of knots in strings and blow in them while reciting magic spells. However, the verse by implication includes all types of witchcraft.
The question naturally arises as to whether there is any objectives reality called "witchcraft". There's no dou t that there are some people who claim to be able to help or harm other through magic.

Some people believe that witches can by calling or unseen being such as sha itan, invoke evil and bring harm to other. Therefore they believe that it's necessary to protect themselves against such satanic harm.
Others believe Tha magic soeels have no effect in reality and are only effective if the victim believes in the magic and thereby suffers from the psychological effect of believing himself to be in danger.

Others may be aware that although the magic spells may have no objective reality, some witches, by the secret use of poison or hidden tricks of various kinds, try to ensure that they get results which will convince people of their effective magic power.

Whether a person believes that the witch has the power to call up shaitam to do harm, or fears that the witch may resort to poison, or whether he only feel uneasy because of another person's Ill-will and wish to haem him, he should know that Allah has already provided him with ample protection. The desire or plan to harm other people is a satanic one, and a Muslim who hold firmly to his Iman has nothing to fear from shaitam or from witches who follow shaitam.

A Muslim believes that Allah is the Supreme power, and is wholly good. Shaitan(the evil one) is only creature created by Allah. He cannot do any harm except with Allah's permission.

The Qura'an says

no authority has he (shaitan) over those believe and put their trust in their lord. His authority is over only those who take him as patron with Allah. (Qura'an 16:99)

Therefore a person who feels afraid of witches should seek refuge in Allah. He should never turn to other witches to help him. By so he's doing he would be surrending himself to shaitan, since some cannot ward off evil with evil.

In another verse of the Qura'an Allah says to shaitan.

.......... This is with Me the straight way:
Verily, you shall have no power over my creature unless it be such as are already lost in grievous error and follow you(of their own will) (Qura'an 15:39-42)
The fact that shaitan cannot harm anyone against his will, will be admitted by shaitan himself on the day of judgment according to another verse.

A Muslim should therefore hold fast to his tawhid(beliefs in one God) avoid all forms of shirk(attributing partner to Allah) and cast off all fear of witchcraft. He may also use the surah which Allah has revealed for re-affriming his beliefs in the absolute oneness of Allah (al-iklas) followed by the surahs asking for protection against all form of evil(al falaq and al Nas),l. Any Muslim who recite these surah daily, and believe in Allah and does good, will lose his fear of any of Allah's creature, according to a hadith, the prophet said that anybody who recited there's 3 surah in the morning and 3 times in the evening will find them sufficient for him for protection against all evils.

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