Harmful effect of belief in witchcraft

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Before closing this chapter about witchcraft, I'd love to discuss harmful effect of belief in witchcraft on our way of life.


1. It create climate of fear in the society

Finally, belief in witchcraft creates a climate of fear in society. People who fear witches becomes coward who dare not speak the truth or dare command what is right or forbid what's wrong, which are very important Islamic injunctions. They fear to do these things lest a person be offended with him and hire a witch to harm him. Thus they are guilty of a minor firm of shirk in fearing man instead of Allah.

2 The practice of witchcraft is harmful to the person who practices it.

As already quoted, the Qura'an says:

..... The sorcerer can never come to any good, whatever he may aim at (Qura'an 20:69)
The same danger hangs over those Muslims "mallams" and "Alfas" who manufacture and sell amulets and talisman that are supposed to ward off the harm of witches. However good maybe their intention and respect for the verse if the Quran used in such amulte. In most cases they have effect of making their used to attribute to them such power as should be ascribed only to Allah. In such respect a person is likely to commit shirk with such amulets. They should be therefore be avoided.

The correct course for any Muslim religious teacher is to guide those who fear witches to know the meaning of and use the prayer provided for the express purpose of seeking Allah's protection (surah 112,113, and 114). He should also teach them to lose their fear of witches and fear Allah only.

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