Failure Of The Evolution Theory

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When Charles Darwin first published his book in 1859 on the Origin of Species, evolution theory began to infest our world. His book is in our museums, schools, universities, national parks, zoos, newspapers, movies, on TV and even in some churches. It is influencing mankind to think differently about religion, life and the world we live in.

The “guardians” of evolution for some strange reason still feel the need to emphasize the “it's a proven fact” although evolution has been widely accepted for many years now.

In a reccently produced TV programme, James May did exactly this when he said: “Darwin's theory is now considered to be fact by most serious scientists.” But is this statement really true and is evolution really a proven fact?

Theistic evolution or the attempt to reconcile the Bible with evolution is based on two sets of doctrine, namely Scripture and Biblical teachings. But those who disagree with this statement still have to admit that there is no reasonable grounds to uphold theistic evolution is secular evolution has failed intellectually. And it has!

Theistic evolutionists should seriously turn to the fundamental truths of the Bible.

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Good point. The least likely to be true is Theistic Evolution because both Science and Bible believers reject it.

We all know what the Scientists think happened. All evidence points to a big bang 13.8 billion years ago.

Here's what the Bible says happened.

  • Jesus plainly said we should believe what Moses wrote (John 5).
  • Moses wrote that the ten commandments were carved in stone by "the finger of God"
  • The fourth commandment confirms (in stone) that God created the universe in six days.
  • The Genesis account of creation written by Moses says they were literal day-night cycles. ("It was evening and it was morning, the second day.")

So, nowhere does the Bible allow for Theistic Evolution. You either believe that God has the power to do things the way He says He did. Or you don't.

God says He created a 13.8 billion year old universe in the time it takes for the earth to spin six rotations. Scientists look at it and confirm, "Yep, its 13.8 billion years old all right." So Science and the Bible agree.

If as a Christian you don't believe the account that Jesus explicitly endorsed, what exactly can you believe?

You obviously are in need of some true enlightenment ...I suggest you read some Sam Harris or Christopher's absolutely mind boggling to know that Darwin was the sharper tool in the shed then the vast majority of humans that live on the planet today...let alone Mark Twain or Einstein...I suppose I should have faith that my cellphone and computers keep working from a higher power?!...or prey for sun and rain like natives never mind the idea of photosynthesis 😳... No offense just keep this nonsense to you and your own family... Which version of the bible do u assume holds the fundamental truths?