You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.

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Ever since Donald Trump ran for office I have been questioning his sincerity. His speech wasn't eloquent, but he did make some great points and said things that needed to be said. Out of all the candidates, he seemed like the obvious best choice. Of course, there were plenty of people who hated the Donald, but their objections were for the wrong reasons. You may not be religious, but it is said that Satan works in reverse and whether or not you believe it, I think Satan controls this reality.

Reverse Psychology

To me, it would make sense for Satan to want to win over the Christian, conspiracy, Republican, and conspiracy vote. The reason being is the ability to control the opinion of the opposition. During Obama's whole campaign these groups couldn't stand him and felt as if he was ruining the country. Obama supporters stayed loyal no matter what he did and the same will go for Trump supporters. Again we are faced with the illusion of change.


During the campaign, I was surprised that Donald was gaining so much support and it seemed as if things were going to get better. I still kept an open eye to the possibility he wasn't looking out for our best interest. For that reason, I didn't vote for him, I wrote in a candidate who wasn't running, but who I agreed with for the last 8 years. The thing that stuck out the most to me about Donald Trump is that he was exposing things that I had been talking about for a long time.


Half Truths

To summarize, Trump pointed out a lot of the corruption that was happening in Washington D.C. when no one else would. The one thing I could never wrap my mind around was that he would say the truth, but not the full truth, almost as if he was holding back. Initially, I thought this was because he wouldn't have been able to win over the country if he went to an extreme.


After Donald Trump won, it seemed like things were changing quickly. Then all of sudden the momentum dropped off, he dropped bombs on a few countries, and it seemed as if the system was being restored back to the status quo. I had always believed Obama was The Antichrist, but now I'm really starting to believe it is actually going to be Donald Trump.

Look to the past

Let's break it down, over the last 30 years nothing about Trump says I am a Godly man. He was the complete opposite, his personality was depicted in a way that showed he only cared about himself. Trump has always felt he was better than everyone else and that no one could ever live up to his reputation. He sees himself as a winner that could never do anything wrong. We can also look deeper into the symbols that surround him.


Biblical Teachings

When the Bible speaks about The AntiChrist during end times, it says that the Antichrist will come in his own name. What do we see, Trump has his name branded on all of his real estate projects. Trump's prize building that he designed is called Trump Tower in New York City. If we look closer at Trump Tower he has a patch of bushes formed to look like an inverted triangle. Each side of the triangle contains 6 bushes, which would symbolize 666 The Mark of the Beast.

Tower of Babel

Above the patch of bushes, are 7 obelisks which create 6 shadows. Trump's penthouse is found on the 66th floor of Trump Tower. Trump's first day in office as President of the United States made him 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old. We are also living in the year 5777 according to the Hebrew calendar. Seven is supposed to represent a holy number and Trump is taking the Christian stance during his presidency. Although he promotes himself as Christian, he leaves God completely out of the equation. He believes the master of his destiny is himself.

Residence of the Beast

Within Trump's penthouse, he has many symbols represented his worship for the Sun God from Ancient Greece, Apollo. The sun god is Satan. His ceiling is honoring the sun god with a mural and sun-like chandelier. Trump's mother bears the Mary and his Father has the name, Christ. Although Trump says his middle name is John, people have theorized the J actually stands for "Jesus".

Great Miracles

If Trump is able to pull off a 7-year peace deal between Israel and Palestine, I will be almost 100% convinced he is the antichrist. He is already in talks with both countries and is working out the negotiations. The true Lord and savior Jesus Christ is supposed to return 7-years after this deal is made. The world is supposed to start falling apart in the middle of this deal at 3 and half year mark after the antichrist lies about the peace deal.


Hidden Truths

The last part of the information I have found interesting is that the movie 'The Devil's Advocate' was filmed in Trump's penthouse on the top of Trump Tower on the 66th floor. I feel as if they hide the truth in movies and have been giving us clues for a long time. Someone made a great video about how the movie 'Back to the Future' may have been secretly warning and predicting about the 9/11 attacks.

In due time

Time will tell, but read what the Bible explains in Revelations about how the world will end and a new age will be born. Most Christians believe Trump was sent from God and we are getting a second chance to redeem ourselves. I don't know why they would feel that way since we've been everything but deserving of that. The Bible specifically lays out exactly what is going to happen, but people are too trusting in their leaders. The Antichrist is here and I recommend repenting, researching, and finding the truth before you too are deceived.

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Sincerely Yours,


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Good post.Upvoted

very good post

I imagine we have a number of areas we would disagree, but not trusting Trump to act on his words certainly isn't one of them.

I'm curious about your priorities in politics though. Let's say if you could pass or repeal 3 laws, what would they be?


First thing I'd repeal is The Federal Reserve and IRS. This counts as one thing since they were both passed together. Second, I'd allow for competing currencies. Third, I would bring the troops home to defend the borders. Fourth, I'd write an executive order to repeal all previous illegal executive orders. Fifth, I'd reinstate the original United States Constitution.


Cool, thanks for sharing :D And I would agree, if it's in one bill, it can be repealed together.

I actually agree with most of this. I'm not certain how the original constitution differs, so can't speak to that. I wouldn't repeal the IRS because I value social services, but I feel that's a clean-cut difference in opinion and priorities.


Income tax doesn't go towards social services, it goes to the IRS, then the IRS pays the interest on the inflated money that pays for the social services.

Do you know how many people have been thought to be the Antichrist? From Nero to Napoleon, and none of them were. Trump is certainly an idiot and very selfish and a megalomaniac, but you yourself say you thought Obama was the Antichrist if Trump finishes and nothing happens what then? The next president will be the antichrist? And don't you think it is very conceited to think the Antichrist will be from the USA? The bible probably puts him from the Middle East. Personally I don't believe in the bible as the word of God or any other book for that matter, I see no need for an almighty creator to write books. I do believe there is a creator, but that's as far as I'll go.


You're definitely entitled to your opinion. You're right, people have been thought to be the antichrist throughout history. As far as the US we have the largest military in the world and have the most influence. Trump might not be the antichrist, but whoever brings peace to Israel and Palestine for 7 years is most likely the antichrist. Trump happens to be working on this very thing. Trump's support comes mostly from christians which to me would be exactly what the antichrist would want. As far as this person being from the Middleeast, he could be. Only time will tell and yes I could be wrong. But like you I am also entitled to my opinion.