Cult of Scientology: Child Slavery, Coerced Abortions, Pedophilia

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What Happens Inside Scientology's Prison Camp “The Hole” Will SHOCK You...

Actress, producer, and former Scientologist, Leah Remini, has been exposing the dark side of the cult known as Scientology in her documentary series, “Scientology and the Aftermath.” While much of the new information confirms what was already known, evidence reveals the so-called church has been hiding abuses much worse than previously imagined.

After the first season of Remini’s documentary series, the show gained massive support. They’ve since hired lawyers and contacted authorities in the hopes they can obtain justice for Scientology’s victims.

Her show reveals the inner workings of the cult, which functions more like a corporate dictatorship, with David Miscavige as the dictator. Scientology members, including celebrities, are closely monitored and sheltered by the church, which they are constantly required to invest in.

Members are fed propaganda that leads them to believe Scientology is responsible for numerous great accomplishments around the world, from helping societies conquer drug addiction, to providing humanitarian aid to war-torn regions. In fact, these initiatives either have nothing to do with the Church of Scientology, or they never took place at all.

Behind closed doors, members who veer from their dictated path within the church, find themselves separated from their families, beaten, and imprisoned. Scientologists believe children are merely adults in young bodies, and as such, they are subjected to the same abuses as adults.

It is also their belief that family relationships are meaningless since, for example, your daughter in this life may be your sister or wife in another. All of these factors create a volatile environment that allows abuse to flourish.

Here are a few of the most shocking revelations that have come from Remini’s documentary series. The following testimonies are from former Scientology members who are now considered “Suppressive Persons,” or enemies of the church. The Church of Scientology, of course, refutes the claims made by the victims, most often using ad hominem attacks to do so.

Child slavery:

The Church of Scientology recently raised funds for Miracles Outreach, a charity based in Tampa, Florida that supports victims of human trafficking – a rather curious initiative for a cult that was investigated by the FBI for human trafficking. Clearly this is an effort by the church to repair its shattered reputation.

This brings us to the first item on our list; child slavery. The following testimonies come from Nathan Rich, and Tara Reile, both of whom were raised into Scientology, and held at the Mace-Kinglsey Ranch.

“My dad said, ‘We have nowhere to put you. Nobody wants you. I’ve heard of this place in New Mexico that I’m willing to pay for to get you some help.’

“When I first got there… I mean, it was beautiful. It’s in the middle of the Gila wilderness in New Mexico. The girls stayed at the upper ranch, which was like 2-miles up the mountain in this beautiful house. Everything else we did down at the lower ranches where the boys stayed. We had our course down there, auditing. And for all intents and purposes, it looked great. Like I saw kids working and stuff like that, but I didn’t realize until like day three that it was like, ‘Holy shit, this is a labor camp.’” – Tara Reile

“One of the security guards was told that he needed to give me what they called a G.I. shower. And essentially what he did is he took me out from muster [a daily meeting where the activities of the day were reviewed] to that communal shower stall, and had all of the students and staff – including the girls – surround the fence and look in while he scrubbed me with a metal fence brush. He was very careful not to give me anything more than some scratches.” – Nathan Rich

Both Nathan and Tara’s parents abandoned them after their imprisonment.

Coerced Abortions:

Children are considered to be a distraction to the “clearing of the planet.” The Sea Org Members and Sea Org Additional Flag Order states: Therefore Sea Org members who have new children will not be allowed to remain on duty in Sea Org Units.”

Former Scientologist, Gary “Jackson” Morehead, was a member of Sea Org, and worked as the Security Chief at the International Base. He states:

The thing that broke me is; my wife and I went through a pregnancy that she, embarrassingly, aborted. [She was] pressured to. It’s one thing to be told. It’s a whole nother thing to be pressured to.”

Claire Headly was a Scientologist for 30-years. Formerly an executive for the Sea Org, she escaped in 2005. She provided the following statement:

“When I joined the Sea Organization, I knew that their policy was ‘no kids allowed.’ If a woman got pregnant, she would instantly be scheduled to go and get an abortion. If she refused in any manner, she would be segregated, not allowed to speak with her husband, put under security watch, put on heavy manual labor, and interrogated for her crimes as to why she wanted to leave. Because the reality was [that getting pregnant meant you wanted to leave].”

Headly was forced to get an abortion.


As previously mentioned, the ideas held about children and family create an environment in which children are easy targets of pedophilia. The following testimonies are from Mirriam Francis and Saina Kamula. Both were born into the cult of Scientology.

“…My dad is caring for us, and he’s a single parent, essentially. During this time he begins to sexually abuse me. …At the time I would start to internalize and I just didn’t want to exist in that moment. So I would actually say to myself, I would repeat this line, ‘I want to die. I want to die. I want to die.’

“Imagine like a three, four, five-year-old child saying that to themselves for the first time, recognizing that they don’t want to exist, that they want to die at that age. That was my first idea of, ‘I want to end my own life.’” – Mirriam Francis

Scientology officials were aware of the Mirriam's sexual abuse. Yet in 2001, she was sent to work at the same Sea Org base as him.

The church eventually offered Mirriam her freedom. However, in return, she was expected to sign an affidavit promising she would not sue them for their participation in her abuse, or lack thereof. When she refused, the church threatened to hold her against her will.

Saina Kamula moved to America from Sweden with her mother when she was 7. She didn’t speak English at that time, and as a result was shy and withdrawn. One of the teachers targeted Saina and sexually abused her. She states:

I told my mom, ‘I don’t want to be here. I really don’t want to be here.’ And she didn’t ask me why. She just said, ‘You’re just being counter-intention to my dreams – to my purpose.’ I was kind of in shock; this is my mom. This is who I went across the ocean with, and she’s my only person.

There was another teacher there that I felt more comfortable telling about what happened. And I remember her grabbing my arm, and I just remember feeling so ashamed. And this teacher, she told me, ‘You are nattering, and nattering is a Scientology word for finding fault with, or criticizing.’”

Saina was sent to another facility for children after trying to get help for the sexual abuse she endured. But the teacher who sexually abused her, simply followed her to the new facility where he continued the abuse.

Many have now been born into this cult, and have no other understanding of the world. Those who escape often find themselves joining society with no formal education, no driver’s license, no work history or rental history, and in some cases, no family outside of Scientology to offer any help.

Although it was a movement that started by chance, Remini’s efforts have resulted in a support network for former Scientologists, and the victims of this so-called religion. We applaud her efforts, and will report on further revelations.

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