Relationships and the death of Pt 2

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Hey all you steemers, this gal and her boyfriend broke up.
That's something I never thought I'd have to say, I've known this guy for five years, been in love with him for five years, and been with him for three. I really haven't known anything else. I thought it was end game, and if he's not trying to screw with my mind he thinks that too. What to do in the mean time? I know I've definitely been licking my wounds these last couple of days, I've been heavily going to the gym to work out my frustrations but how do you deal with the other stuff? I have also been heavily drinking water out of that massive 2 litre water bottle I mentioned a while back, seriously so good except when you're lying in bed slowly drifting off and you feel that little niggle, your bladder is full and it's ready to go... maybe so much ready to go that you can't move because of fear that you'll let a little slip out... I've gotta read my bladders signals better and not wait so long I guess..

Any how, Long term relationships that aren't quite finished are tricky, I don't want to date or see anyone else, or even be intimate.
But how do you deal with the lack of intimacy you've grown accustomed too? Also when is it time to let go of the guy and accept its actually over? Do you have to start trying to move on and get over it? I seem to be clinging to the prospect of making up, I find it comforting it's like a motivation to better myself for part two of the Carl and Laura story.

A lot of friends and family have asked me how I'm feeling, it's hard to explain I don't want to just say oh I'm sad obviously. So I've come up with a little story to describe how I'm feeling.

Imagine for a second, my ex boyfriend is a club. I feel like, I'm a veteran of that club. I've gone to no other club for the last three years for a drink and a dance, It's my favourite place I'm there pretty much every night of the week. I show up, one night and the security guard stops me in my tracks.... "You are no longer allowed to enter club carl. You've been kicked out for bad behaviour and you need to find some place else to frequent" but just as I turn around to leave, the security guard whispers too me "Oh but try again in a little bit, you may be allowed back in in a months time". Well will I be allowed or won't I be??? Maybe I should just stop drinking at all for a while and wait for a formal letter stating if my ban is up, or if I am barred for life.

Just letting off some post-breakup STEEM. ha ha ha. The puns are endless.

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haha nice write up. glad to see you taking it well and your using your self e steem to get back on track! Follow and upvoted


Haha wow thanks!!! I am trying, ooo I wish I thought of that one. I am very impressed, I'll have to check your blog out with witty puns like that!


haha excuse me, not my best nor my greatest work. But for a beautiful face like yours, ill try harder!

I was told this by a good friend of mine. Take a break, if its 1 month or 2 years, give yourself some time to get yourself back. No use going into another relationship with all the scares and problems of the last. Also take a day to really think about it all. My mother always told me never go back, I never really listened to her and I let a girl cheat om me 11 times (of which I know). I learnt that things happen for a reason. My suggestion to you is give yourself some time, this way you will know if you want to go back or move on.


I 100% agree! I'll take this time to work on myself and see how I really feel and what I really want. :) Thankyou @dragonslayer109!


Pleasure. Writing about your feelings and thoughts can help you out if you are feeling sad or need to understand something. I have a whole file on my computer with such things in. But I prefer to keep them to myself. Good luck with whatever is next and hope it makes you happy.