Relationship III

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…continued… from part 1 and part 2


3. Catalyst relationship:

I won’t say too much on this. This kind of relationship gives you speed. When you have a catalyst in your life, you achieve things faster and easier. You move with speed and such person spurs you on to become better in life.

We all need a catalyst that would remind us who we are at the time we might have forgotten who we are.

A catalyst is someone that would help you back on and make your journey easier. Such a person will speed things up for you in other to motivate and make you get the needed strength for the things you have lined up. You will easily know one when you see one. We all need such a relationship and you need to be humble enough to treat any kind of relationship you have with tenderness and wisdom.


4. Covenant relationship:

It is not so much about whom you are or what right you have done, but such a benefit is given to you on the basis of the covenant.

In a family, when you see a son acting not the way he is supposed to, the family still rally round to make the son better. They won’t shun him away or cut him off, even if they act sometimes as they have, they still wouldn’t allow any evil befall such a child without raising hell.

There are some benefits we will enjoy based on covenant relationship. They take us for who we are while trying to make us better. They don’t give up on us and they give us benefits not because we deserved it but because it has been reserved.


Imagine a husband and wife too. They will do what they are supposed to or perform their roles, not because the husband or the wife is the best around but on the basis of the covenant.

Whatever relationship you have around you, cherish and don’t trivialize it but then never allow just any kind of relationship into your life because it will determine how far you will go in life. Choose your company carefully and guard your heart. Any relationship that is stressing you or taking more from you than it is adding, you better show such relationship to the door. Destiny is not emotional. Be wise.

Thank you for your time.

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