Reiki & Sound Healing for Health, Relaxation & Vitality

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Reiki and Sound Healing have both proven to be effective healing modalities for many people and I have already experienced great results within myself - Reiki has helped me with lower back pain relief, stress, anxiety, first aid for an accident at work, mental clarity and restorative energy balance.

Both Reiki & Sound Healing can also be a very effective way to open up the flow of energy by opening up the chakra's and restoring balance in the body, it can also help with mental clarity and emotional release.

Reiki Healing

Reiki on it's own is very effective at reducing stress and assists with our bodies own natural healing response, Reiki can be used to treat most health issues and is a treatment used for the improvement of body and mind. I recently wrote about The History & Origins of Reiki and have since began a new project to document my research and clinical practices as a reiki practitioner. The first video of the new Docu-Series Reiki Healing (Part 1) is now available for viewing on YOUTube and on 3Speak

Reiki is a Japanese healing art which dates back to 1922 and has become ever more increasingly popular over the last 50 years. At Okuden level 2 I can practise local hands on healing and remote distance healing which I find fascinating and also very useful as a way to offer Reiki healing to anyone anywhere in the world. If you would like to request a distance healing please use the Contact Us page.

I was recently asked if I could teach Reiki, however as a Jikiden Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, I don't yet have all the skills or qualifications for teaching. This is however something I am working towards and do plan on teaching in the very near future but first I must progress on my journey as a practitioner and gain more experience through offering Reiki to others, I hope to be teaching by this time next year in 2021.

If you are interested in learning the art of Jikiden Reiki Healing? I can provide you with information on when the next Jikiden Reiki Teaching Seminar will be held and how you can book on to the course. Just send me a message using the Contact Us form on the website. You may also want to attend one of our Reiki Share Groups, Reiki Retreats or Reiki Meet Ups. More information will be available on the website and on social media in due course.

Reiki & Sound Healing Combined

Through research and through experience I have also discovered the great effects of sound healing, healing with singing & crystal bowls. So now I am offering both experiences combined, Reiki and Sound Healing could prove to be very effective and so the general message in today's blog post is an invitation and offer of service with Reiki Healing and Sound Healing to activate and balance energy on a mental, physical and soul level to accelerate and boost natural healing.

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