New discussion post - Steem Fork - Stay, swap or both?

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After the success of the last discussion post, and current STEEM events, it is probably timely to open up a new talking point now.

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This one is in reference to the @blocktrades announcement - with a formal announcement coming soon. See for yourself the Blocktrades post and I'd suggest reading it is essential.

What I'd like to know is both how ordinary users and the @reggaesteem team view this development. A pretty much carbon copy of the STEEM chain, with a new name, and excluding the Steemit Inc presence and stake. Being forked and maintained by a group of community developers.

What do I think?

I am 100% in favor of this fork. I intend to move over to it and not look back. The new chain is to be called HIVE, and I can live with that. I think STEEM is now tainted goods, Justin has antagonized too much of the community for it to carry on as is. I'm hopeful that Steem-Engine and the Tribes will move (as these have been a big focus of my efforts for a while now). I don't see a way forward on STEEM as we know it, but would love to hear more official announcements to validate (or otherwise) my thoughts as to how this will play out.

@donald.porter, @miyard, @dmilliz, how do you see this panning out. "ReggaeHive" for the win, or STEEM on? Maybe both??

Thanks everyone for the participation on the first post, I can't wait to see everyone's thoughts on these new developments.



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I personally would have loved to see the cross chain atomic swap solution but that is obviously not going to happen. I am for the fork/new chian but at the same time I would think it is a good idea to have a foot in another chain as that is the future of blockchain and what we were hoping for with tron. EOS may be ideal at this point. But that also comes with complications, tech and business wise regarding ReggaeSteem.

The thing about a fork or new chain is you and I can wait for liquidity while we HODL and build but many steemians depend on steem to survive, some don't have to, they just do but there are some who have nothing else to keep them a float, but yup I agree, steem is now a sinking ship, I do not see any way to plug the holes. A new ship may be the only solution at this point.

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Hi, I agree it is a sinking ship, but still, I think it is repairable. I see it as a relationship. Yes there are some trust issues and yes people forgot how to communicate (I am guilty of this too I know). But with respect and dialogue, things can be fixed. We find it easier to end relationships than to buidl them. Block people for their opinions, instead of finding common grounds. In business you need to find the best possible outcome for ALL parties involved. And that's so easy in this case.
We want decentralized governance: Fixable
Justin wants something to say as the largest stakeholder: Fixable
We want more diversity in the witnesses so nobody (read community)is left behind: Fixable

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Yup, 100 % agree that different users have different levels of dependance on STEEM - I know a number of our Venezuelan community who rely on STEEM as their food on the table. I desperately hope they don't get swept aside in all these power plays.

The cross-chain swaps may still happen, who knows. Once those that oppose Justin have completely gone from STEEM, onto the new chain, he may feel more at ease and willing to build rather than dump - who knows.

A foot in another chain sounds nice, but I don't understand the technical side of that. What chains use JSON? It is my understanding that alot of the tribe activity relies on Json transactions - is it feasible to brodcast a JSON on two different chains to have say an EOS JAHM token and a STEEM one, with the data readible on both?

Like I said - no idea about the tech side of things. I guess Reggeasteem at the end of the day is dependant on STEEM Engine, and how they handle this fork will be the primary consideration for the tribe. Some sort of cross-chain capability could be an interesting way to keep a foot in both STEEM and HIVE and be open to the upside of either chain.

Whether STEEM is sinking now depends on Justin really. He has the resources to re-build it as he wishes once the fork happens and his oponents are busy with a new chain, it just depends on if he actually wants to build it, or just dump out and move on.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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Hi, interesting topic :D. Everyone who knows me a bit, knows that I say what I think, no sugar coating or sweet talking. Some people don't like that, but I really really don't care. I never want to be the nicest guy, but crave to be the most successful. Some thought I only came to spread fear and whatever other bs they could come up with, nothing further from the truth.
I HATE what happens to the chain right now, and I don't think it is Justin's fault. A new chain is not the solution, but a panic reaction to the shit the witnesses brought upon us. Based on assumptions they freezed out a legitimate investor and top marketer. The answer from Justin is also not OK, but yeah what would you do? Protect your house or let someone rob you? I got a 9mm piece of lead if someone wants to know what I would do.
I wonder how many of those witnesses will only go for the new chain, the one with zero liquidity, no exchanges, no price. How many of them will completely abandon Steem for Hive. History proves many of them only protected their assets and the assets of their staked friends. And occasionally a bone is thrown to the puppets who jump and dance for them.

I am personally powering down to profit from the volatility on the exchanges. Much more to be made for me than writing blogs for 1 Steem. And that is the beauty of this, everyone can do what they want with their stake. Let them.
I am not leaving.

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Trading the instability certainly seems like the best way to turn this whole situation profitable.

I see your point, but think that both sides over-reacted. The witnesses temporarily froze Justin's newly acquired stake till talks could happen, Justin escalated by tricking the exchanges into powering up and forcing through an unfreeze. Hostilities escalated from both sides and we have ended up here. I agree, and hate what is happening. Whether Justin was ever going to be a "legitimate investor" is debatable - his move looks like it was more of a pump and dump to my eye's - but I'm the first to admit I'm no expert.

When you say you are not leaving - do you mean you intend to stay solely on STEEM and not on the new Hive chain, or are you taking a wait and see approach?

Great to see your comments here, haven't seen you around Reggaesteem much lately.



p.s. I love that movie.

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Hi John, thanks for your reply, its appreciated!
Yes they did that temporarily, but it is not the way you open negotiations. Hey look I took your money in hostage, wanna talk? That shit is not even legal. It was action, reaction. Good to see Dan is still fighting and I hope they can come to a mutually beneficial agreement. I 100% agree that the statements made by tron after the acquisition were weird and worrying, and communication SUCKED. I dream about someone who stands up and says:
I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot. Can we please talk and find solutions that this whole drama comes to an end? How can we all look in the same direction and combine our strengths to make this the most bad ass chain on the radio?
In the crypto world it would be the biggest thing if a community and a whale can work together, what can stop us after that?
Dunno, I will probably not get that hive token because I openly defended Justin and am against the actions the witnesses took in the first place. I am against any form of aggression. Not dropping the tokens to people who are against your regime is also a communist textbook move.

KR, Tom

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Wow, this is really controversial.
I see a lot of cracks in Steemit, what was initially thought to be a boost for the platform turned out to be a real mess.
I think there are already irreparable relationships between the main actors in this whole problem (Witness and Justin Sun). But I don't know to what extent I, as a small (as far as SP is concerned) can participate in this, or carry any weight. These are really decisions made by the big and powerful, just as it happens in everyday life.

There are certainly times of change coming. I hope it's for the better. Probably both networks are going to be alive, although I don't know. The future is very uncertain.

I do not know how beneficial the change will be, steem has a consolidation within the crypto market, I do not know to what extent a new one can overcome it in the medium or short term. The truth is I have many doubts about it.

What's going to happen to the tribes and their tokens?

I don't know. I imagine every founding member will be riding on it, seeing where it all goes. I know there's a big investment of time and money in every initiative.

Controversial is interesting I think..

Yup, most of us won't really be in a position to influence this outcome one way or another - just along for the ride. I'll be interested to see how many people keep a foot in the STEEM door, while heading to HIVE, just in case Justin does stick with it and build something.

Lots of uncertainty, I just hope this mess doesn't scare of more of the little guys here and they just walk away from the whole thing.

Thanks for adding your thoughts in - it certainly is an interesting time.


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