My big milestone in @reggaesteem - future plans.

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Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty of the last couple of weeks on STEEM, I hit a major goal of mine that I'm finally getting around to posting about.

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100,000 JAHM!

My goal when joining the @reggaesteem tribe was to reach 100K and get a JSNS token. Well mission accomplished. My initial target was by the end of 2019, but I didn't quite make that goal. Still my first (of many hopefully) 100K is in the bag.


Last week, the @reggaesteem team reviewed my stake and activity and awarded me the JSNS token. I have learned that this is only the second one issued, with @shanibeer being the first person to receive one. There are a couple of other tribe members who would probably have qualified, but they haven't been requested or issued yet.

For those that don't know, a JSNS token is redeemable for accommodation at a number of Jamaican resorts and hotels. Full details can be found at the tourism link on the website. This is a unique use case for tribe tokens, and crypto in general and an awesome initiative.

There are also benefits for JSNS token holders who attend the upcoming JAHMFEST event. As for my JSNS, it will probably not be in use this year, as I am not in a financial position to make the trip from Australia to Jamaica. If someone makes me an offer I can't refuse, I may be willing to sell it - hit me up if interested and we can talk.


Image Source: Steem Engine

Future plans:

I plan to try and increase my involvement here in the Reggaesteem tribe. I'd like to post more often, but Reggae and Jamaican content is not really a strong point for me. All future posts, comments and involvement will come from this account (@jk6276.jahm), not my main account.

No more Auto votes. The only auto-votes I have left in place are for the founders @donald.porter, @dmilliz and @miyard, the @reggaesteem and @jahm.syndicator accounts. Everything else will be done manually. I will attempt to be here daily curating, commenting and voting, but make no promises. I think my stake will help the tribe more if I manually curate, and move away from personal curation maximizing, which I have been guilty of up until now.

All votes will be based on personal preference, my feeling for content quality and contribution to the tribe. I personally won't be paying attention to the ways people use their stake - If you stake, great, if you sell, none of my business. I haven't got time to worry about how people are managing their JAHM, and will base my votes on the content and engagement occurring, as best I can.

EDIT: I have decided to also remove auto-votes from the founders - nothing personal at all. I just saw a comment from @dmilliz along these lines, and have had a rethink and will stop all auto-votes completely from now on from this account. 100% manual.

My hopes:

I would love to see more JAHM content, more engagement and a growing community here. I think this tribe has so much potential, and I plan to actively assist any local Jamaican businesses or community groups that appear here.

I really hope Steems drama's settle and in particular SMT's happen. I'm not sure of the @reggaesteem teams plans regarding swapping to an SMT, but I personally think it would be a great idea. SMT's will open the door to external exchanges, and more opportunities.

A tune to finish with.

Nattali Rize is a performer I am following. She started out in an Australian Reggae group called "Blue King Brown" and is now forging a solo career. She has been touring the US recently with her album Rebel Frequency. The latest relaese from that album is "Warriors". Enjoy.

Video Source: Baco Records Youtube channel

Thanks everyone for reading, I look forward to chatting with you all on Reggaesteem soon.



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Congrats on attaining your JSNS. Also I applaud your move to go fully manually curation. I don't want to force anyone else to do the same as different people have different priorities and time at hand, but it would be good to see less auto-votes, and more engagement. I am glad you will practice what you are saying in your post regarding engagement as it all starts with us.

Regarding SMTs, it is still a wait and see, the Steem tron drama has flung a monkey wrench into everything steem. But at the end of the day SMTs may just replace Tribe tokens, that is the sentiment I am hearing from devs. If they have the atributes of tribe tokens it would be good, if not, it may be going backwards.

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Thanks mate, I agree and make no judgement on how people manage their stake and use their up-votes and down-votes - everyone needs to do what's right for them. My personal opinion is that the trending page needs to be filled with the best quality content. But there is definitely a place in our feeds and in the "New" tab for more content, images and shorter form content. These posts don't need big votes to still be valuable to the tribe, and encourage more involvement and participation. That is the basis of how I'll approach my stake and voting from now on.

For SMT's, I guess we just continue to wait and see how the STEEM/TRON saga unfolds.

Thanks for your comment, and everything you do for this tribe.


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Good call and glad for the effort to reach 100k jahm. I think I am right behind you on that one.
Keep #reggaesteem fire burning.

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Thanks mate, I look forward to seeing you join the 100k club.

Congratulations on achieving your milestone!
Pleased to see more manual curation here. I prefer to directly support the content I'm interested in. Originally, I manually curated everything, I thought it was important (and the only way) to build a rich feed with lots of variety.

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It just feels like this is what I need to do now. Hope you are well @shanibeer and your health troubles from earlier have all cleared up.

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That's right, things change :) I'm improving, thanks, I was thinking that yesterday. Busy staying out of the way of corona, so working in London has been suspended for now. We're reviewing it on a weekly basis. Much of my work can be done anywhere, but there are some things we need to have a meeting for. I'll be investigating software for conferencing this week. I think Skype does something, but years since I used it.

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