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Refereum (RFR) is a new platform that removes any middlemans, rewards you for playing games, streaming, watching streams, developing and a lot more.

Right now you can win some RFR tokens by having enough Points to compete for the RFR prize pool.

Bronze - min 500 Points - 500 000 token pot total
Silver - min 1000 Points - 1 000 000 token pot total
Gold - min 5000 Points - 2 000 000 token pot total
Diamond - the 100 with most Points - 20 000 tokens each
Elite - the 10 with most Points - 100 000 tokens each
Chosen One - One Lucky user per month wins 250 000 tokens

You can win tokens based on your points every Hour, Day and Week.

Right now RFR's price is 0.025 USD per token. It was released on 8th of February, 2018.
It is listed on some exchanges like: Cobinhood,, Idex, OKEx.

How can you get points?

I. By buying games or inviting friends to play games. Even downloading games. For example:

  • Downloading Fortnite rewards you with 200 Points
  • Refering a friend to play Fortnite - 50 Points
  • Buying some games on Steam - 50 Points

II. By streaming/watching streams.

  • 1 Point Hourly - when watching a streamer who joined Refereum and you're both connected to Twitch
  • 3 Points Hourly - for anyone watching your stream who joins Refereum and connects Twitch (if you have 5+ viewers)
  • You even get double points by streaming/watching Fortnite streams.

III. By watching videos

  • Right now watching a video rewards you with 50 Points.

IV. By refering a friend on Refereum or Telegram - 100 Points per each.

V. By connecting accounts

  • Twitch - 100 Points
  • Discord - 100 Points
  • Telegram - 100 Points
  • Reddit subscribe - 25 Points
  • Twitter Follow - 25 Points
  • Facebook Follow - 25 Points
  • Sharing a message on Facebook - 100 Point

You can directly get some Steam games with your RFR tokens.

  • PUBG is 1272 RFR
  • Lunar Flight is 508 RFR
  • Battle Group 2 is 227 RFR

For 10 minutes I've got 750+ Points so far.

You can register here: Register
Discord channel: Discord


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