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The FairCosa Foundation

A hand UP, not a hand OUT

April is National Second Chance Month. Join the FairCosa Foundation as we help restore citizens to reenter society. We train for middle-class jobs as dispatcher or broker. #reentry #secondchances #share2steem #SecondChanceMonth Donate: #SecondChanceMonth

External Link : http://bit.ly/2TG21Bn

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Faircosa Foundation




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This sounds interesting, really, wish you the best!

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Thank you! I appreciate the support. 💗

Awesome concept behind this charity! Best of luck with it, @mattifer!

Thanks! We've gotten green lights from all required parties... now we just need to get funding. 😀😟😀

This is super important, well done for trying to make a change. With the coming changes to automation so many jobs will he displaced, people will need all the help they can get. Best of luck here!

Thank you! It's a personal mission for us as well.

What do you think folks will do when more automation takes over? I think the creatives will be just fine, but those who are cut out for manual labor will be in serious trouble.

I might have done this 40 years ago, but these days I'm retired...

Hopefully you are also not in prison. :-) Our first initiative is focused on providing training in the transportation industry to men who are currently incarcerated, and then providing an internship when they are released. So many in-prison training programs offer training in jobs which will never pay a decent wage - we want to offer them something better to help improve their chances of staying OUT of prison.

And congrats on your retirement! I hope you are staying busy doing things you love.

No, not in prison. It's good that you are helping people. Worked all my life and all I own now fits in a suitcase, and without enough money I've been stuck here for 2 years waiting and hoping I can get enough before the end comes so I can do the things I love...

Are there any resources nearby that could assist you?

Only the universe

Lovely initiative, good luck with helping raise education levels affording an opportunity into future positions in business.

Thank you. We are offering training in a specific field - and an internship after the men are released from prison. As long as they have the motivation and the personality for the job, they should be able to excel. :-)

Are you in charge of this? It's super great what you're doing. I believe in second or even third chances. There are some people that really want to change. Absolutely love this. Regards!

I'm a co-founder of the organization, and I serve on the board of directors. I wouldn't say I'm in charge but I'm definitely on the ground floor. :-)

Thanks for the support. I'm a big fan of chances myself. In the US, many people are put in prison for reasons that don't make a lot of sense. It can be a rather corrupt system. So it's not so much about changing ones ways, to me, as it is about recognizing that everyone deserves a chance at success - regardless of their background.

In the future, we plan to extend similar assistance to veterans being released from service, homeless people trying to improve their circumstances, and women trying to leave shelters.

Once you've left society, for whatever reason, the odds are against you being able to successfully reenter. We want to help with that. :-)

Sounds like you're making strides with this project! Such a big undertaking, but you will be helping so many folks! 🙌

Thank you! If you know anyone looking to work for free for a good cause, send them my way! :-)

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