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RE: The Redoxer Video Pitch

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This product has the appearance of a scam. In the video, the female who is ostensibly a medical student at some university in China says something like "Here's a product ... certainly proving the power of imagination over knowledge" at 0:24.

I would like to downvote this but 1) my quota of free downvotes for today is up and 2) this is a paid advertisement and we want those to bring in fiat investment into STEEM. So, I won't at this time.

Just after I'd seen this video for the first time today, I went to a supermarket to buy beer to enjoy after sauna today evening. As I was entering the supermarket I couldn't help but chuckle to myself because this video popped into my mind as I was walking past a few members of a criminal biker gang standing near the door. It is said that laughter prolongs life but it may not do that every single time. (They paid no attention to me at all but could've.)


Could you elaborate on the "paid advertising" part. AFAICS, this post pretty much is showing the free flags part of HF21 so far is failing miserably against the power of the bidbot economy so far.

@dexmena, care to elaborate on why you are downvoting my posts, including my #creativecoin contest (that you downvoted to invisibility), and my comments, while up-voting bid not abusing scam token posts and comments?

Thanks for visiting this post. We hope our new post answers most of your questions. By the way the lady in the video is a University topper and a gold medalist. Feel free to send us a message on our Telegram Channel. if you wish to talk to us. Looking forward to you support. Thanks again :)

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