Redfishcoin Featuring Triple Token

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Since May and June, Triple have Airdrops the Redfish holders
It gives daily rewards or that is the of mining Triple
or staking Triple token

Last May 2019, we give Triple to all Redfish holders having 20 Minimum holding,

Lat June 2019, We give 50 Triple to all 20 minimum holding and 220 Triple to all 100 Redfish holding during Monthly Rewards distribution

This coming July 25 2019, Triple will be given to all 100 Redfish holdings, and We will buy to give it the holders as rewards/bonus

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And learn how to get more Redfishcoin
Hold and earn more!


20 REDF, Get 2% REDF Monthly Rewards

50 REDF, Get 3% REDF Monthly Rewards

100 REDF, Get 3% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus

500 REDF, Get 5% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus

1000 REDF, Get 7% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus


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