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The Beauty of Holding Redfishcoin (REDF)

Let us refresh some new here!
Redfishcoin has new Asset ID:7mQhkkvdTWSCi4GhMz55VM4W3wuGgpnK6wa8pRALr3pn

So, since July 23, Old Redfishcoin were no long supported and REDF is now Active on Trading vis WAVESDEX. It has 500k Total supply only and 4 decimals. We were heading a big numbers here and we want to take that mark for new beginning for the community success!

Redfishcoin Airdrops!


2 INSTANTCOIN will be dropped to all 20 REDF Holdings

INSTANTCOIN is a token made for the INSTAINBLOCKS■ community that brings together: Crypto, Artists, Developers and other content creators.

  • Top 100 token holders receive a weekly reward.
  • 200+ holders earn 1% monthly.
  • 100,000 total/max supply.

Visit for more info

Please note: You need at least 20 REDF Holdings to receive airdrops!


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