Questions in my mind?

in redfish •  last year 

Hello steemians! Am almost a quencina here on steemit!
But am just wander, do I qualify as one of the steemians?
I dont still understand what, how and when am become one of them?

Frankly speaking, many words, terms or languages tha can,t absorb on my mind!

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Hello @lolitz

Of course you qualify for Steemians. You have a lot to offer, steemit is much more than a chain of blocks to make money.
If you are a Filipino, I recommend that you join groups of Filipino communities. Also listen to the curriculum of @surpassinggoogle @steemsecrets.

@teardrops SMT imaginary of @surpassinggoogle mention you here:
A Tear Now Has Value #13

Really? Am so grateful , if I become a useful steemian, as I noticed I want to friend with surpassinggoogle for i had received reward from him,?,.frankly, I follow you pls don't get-upset if I follow you, sir! Again, I thank you, for what i learn this day, thañx for your kindness!

Hi @lolitz most of us Steeemians are wondering around on Steemit with very little idea of what we are doing. Just be yourself and follow the great advice from @teardrops and have fun!