How To Make Pumpkin Pie (Original Recipe)

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To all my followers who are awaiting the next poem, song, or story, please forgive me while I take a day to indulge in my absolute most favorite dessert in the world, especially since this was centered around me and my wife's anniversary and my grandma introduced it to me, therefore it naturally holds sentimental value. It is seasonally October-November time and that means that we have to put to use all these fat pumpkins that are sitting around in the markets, and inside and outside our houses.

I am a self taught chef, so baking isn't my area of expertise and this will probably be my only baking post here because it's something I'm familiar with.

Let's cut to the chase, here is the recipe, which my grandmother gave to me with my own rendition to it, as well as some photos by me to the finished creation. If you want step by step photos how to make everything, message me on at @verbal-d

Important Disclaimer: This recipe is based on a relatively small-medium sized pumpkin as you can see in the pictures provided for one whole pumpkin pie. But in the video I'm using a pumpkin almost quadruple the size so I quadruple the recipe or I cut the large pumpkin in half and double the recipe. This does not include a recipe or instructions how to make a pie shell, you can YouTube search it though.

Step 1:
Take the pumpkin
Cut top off with a space large enough to put your hand inside
Take out seeds and pulp and clean the inside of pumpkin with a big spoon

Step 2:
Take a big cutting knife and slice/cut the pumpkin into two big half pieces
Then cut them again until you have four quarter sized pieces
Then finally, cut them once more each until you have eight smaller pumpkin pieces

Step 3:
Preheat your oven to 200 C degrees or 180 C depending on the intensity of your oven's baking power
Place a steel or metal tray with baking paper on top
And spread evenly the pumpkin pieces on top of the tray and baking paper to where the inside of the pumpkin is facing down and the skin part is facing upward

Step 4:
Bake the pumpkin for an hour or bake it long enough until the pumpkin pieces are really really soft and starting to brown on the skin. Not too brown though

Check the pumpkin every so often and poke it with a fork.
If the fork doesn't go inside the pumpkin easily, the pumpkin is not ready yet.
The pumpkin needs to be really soft.

Step 5:
Take tray of pumpkin pieces out and let it cool down
Then when the pumpkin is not hot anymore
Peel the skin off of the pieces. Throw away the skin and use a butter knife to scrape off the pumpkin flesh/meat from the skin and put the flesh/pulp/pumpkin meat into a big mixing bowl

Step 6:
Add one can of sweetened condensed canned milk
Two eggs, a lot of cinnamon powder, as much as you wish :)
A little bit of ginger powder (optional)
A little bit of hazelnut powder or nutmeg powder (optional)
And two cups or three cups of brown sugar/ or white sugar. Which ever one you like. I like Brown sugar. It is really nice.
Then stir the mix together with an Egg Beater

Step 7:
Preheat oven again for your pie shell crust to 200 C degrees
And when the oven is hot
Put the pumpkin pie Shell crust inside alone by itself for about 2-4minutes so that it becomes a bit more dry and pre-baked, this helps to avoid the pie shell being underbaked and still raw when your pumpkin pie filling has unfortunately finished baking. I'm not a baking professional so skip this if you have your own method of handling pie shells.

Step 8:
Take pie shell crust outside and pour the pumpkin mix inside of the pie shell crust and put it back in the over for an hour to and hour and half or until it is ready.

To make sure the pumpkin pie is ready, check it often and stick a knife inside the pumpkin pie and If the pumpkin flesh sticks to the knife, the pie is not ready. If nothing sticks, the pie is ready.

Step 9:
Take pumpkin pie out the oven and let it cool for 5-10min. Then place the pie immediately in the refrigerator for 5-8 hours. You have to let the pumpkin pie settle and cool down and become more firm, then it will be so perfect in texture and density

Step 10 The Last Step:
Cut the pumpkin pie and add whipped cream on top and sprinkle more Cinnamon powder on the whip cream. Enjoy.

Warning: This Pie causes instant Greediness. Do not expect to be willing to share with anyone, but if you can master and overcome such desires, you will make many friends :)

Thank you for reading this post in its entirety, hope your pumpkin pie turns out amazing, both taste and presentation wise. There have been a few times where my pies came out terrible and other times like this where my pies come out amazing. Best of skill to your attempts.

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Next Post coming tomorrow, not food related! :)

My very own wonderful gif logo provided to me by the generous and kindhearted @papa-pepper Thanks again very much!

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I love pumpkin pie and we grew and baked a lot of them this year.


They were delicious. Your recipe look good too.


Thank you very much, you sir, have a very good taste in desserts. I would eat them everyday if I could. I recently had the honour of trying a potato cake, but it was not my preference, nor did it live up to any expectations I had built up before trying it. Pumpkin pie reigns king! I am sure you are well versed in making delicious pumpkin pies as well. Bake on!

Nice presentation, @verbal-d! Should have got much more $$$ for it ;-)


Thank you thank you thank you. I give 100% for my content creation just like my voting power, although I don't generate much revenue for people when I upvote them.
I appreciate your kind thoughts, it would be nice to see a good payout for this but I keep my expectations low to avoid disappointment. Mind games :) but staying positive


Life always is about being positive :-) Steem on!!!


Definitely I can agree with you wholeheartedly. Steem on as well. You might like my short story They Didn't See It Beneath Them that I've been posting since you love to surf. Just a thought :)


Hahaha, if I was afraid of sharks I couldn´t go surfing :-) Upvoted anyway - and followed! Thought I was following you already... now I am.


Thank you for the follow, I followed you as well. And the story isn't just about sharks but indeed the ocean is home to some truly amazing creatures, extinct, undiscovered and known. You are brave to surf, must be so fun.

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Man, I was hoping that you would be rocking the mic in your next post...


That is a nice gif! I will rock the mic again soon enough bro thank you very much for the nice surprise


I've been playing around with some of that lately.

Thought you'd enjoy it... I think it's one of my best.


I definitely did, I'mma try and put that gif in all of my previous posts up to a month back if possible. You definitely outdid yourself. Thanks again.


I don't think you really need to rewind and get all those previous posts, but it's your choice.

What can I say, you inspire me.


Likewise, inspiration is full circle. I'm still waiting on your open mic entry. I like cleaning up and organizing things, so that'll give me an extra task to make my profile more presentable.