Scotch Bonnet Malt Whisky Sauce!! Insane!

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Scotch bonnet and malt whiskey sauce?! @meesterboom do you defy the Gods of Olympus!!!

Well yes, I do! At Christmas people often give me chilli related gifts and this Christmas was no exception. Naga this and Reaper that. One that particularly caught my eye was of course the one that had scotch bonnet in the name. And whisky. Sooner than a spaniel could start humping a chair leg I had it open and tasted it.

Awesome - hot, savoury and sweet. This thing was heaven! But it was such a small bottle. I would run out pretty quickly... Unless... Unless I made my own!!

So today I did. I looked over the ingredients in the back of the bottle.

Hmm. Nothing as useful as percentages of each and some unnamed 'spices' but I reckoned I could get close enough. Oh yes, and maybe up the whisky and scotch bonnet content!

You will need

1 plump scotch bonnet
½ a clove of garlic
60 mls white wine vinegar
50 mls water
30 mls dark soy sauce
50 mls Malt whisky (I used Glenfiddich)
1 teaspoon of black molasses
¼ teaspoon of dark brown sugar
Dash of lemon juice
¼ teaspoon of ground cumin
¼ teaspoon of all spice
A fingernail sized squirt of tomato paste

Glenfiddich is known as the commoners whisky in Scotland but still, it will do :0)

To Make

I jotted down the percentages that I thought would make sense. Then doubled them up to make 200 mls. It would end up being a little less with the simmering

Finely chop the bonnet and the garlic

Give them a fry in a little oil on a medium/low heat for a couple of minutes

Splash in a dash of lemon juice then stir in the cumin and all spice.

Now measure out the rest of the liquid ingredients, vinegar, water, soy sauce, 30 mls of the whisky. Add to the pan of bonnet and garlic

As this mix warms add the sugar and molasses.

Simmer for about five minutes

Mmmm!! Goofy!!

Add your tiny bit of tomato paste and simmer for one minute more

Plonk it all in a blender. Give it a whizz

Add your last 20 mls of whisky and give a final whizz till it's smooth looking

Let it cool. Then pour through a sieve into a clean sterile bottle.


It's amazing! Even better than the stuff I got as a gift. It's like a crazy sexy barbecue sauce with whisky scotch bonnet heat. I am in love!!


@ meesterboom love it that you just made your own at least this one surely has no E- numbers nor additives!

Yes indeed! Not a single extra sulphide or horrifying ingredient to be had! Thank ya Missy!!

Thank you for posting @meesterboom.

We knew it would not be long before a scotch bonnet made its appearance in 2017....of course no knew what @meesterboom would come up with next.

Lovely sauce...sounds tasty....and superb choice of whiskey. bleujay thinks @steemswede would agree with's hoping he gives your sauce one of his intellectual reviews.

Well done... just when bleujay was wondering...does @meesterboom make soufflés...he comes out with a sauce that goes BOOM!!!

All the best.

Hehe, oh yes. The scotch bonnets are never far behind! I couldnt let the numbers of the year go into double digits! I would love an intellectual review of my sauce!

All the sauces go BOOM!! :o)

It's very beautiful post :)
Echellent job my friend ...

Man... That looks tasty! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Meesterboom!
Upvoted & Followed.

Why thank ya very much! I have followed you back!

Mucho cheers!

I've never heard about this before and it looks interesting. You did it again. Cheers!

No worries dude, glad you like! :O)

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