Rediscovering A Lost Method Of Preserving Strawberries

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Today we show you how to preserve strawberries using a long-lost method described in Amelia Simmons 1796 cookbook, "American Cookery." You won't believe the secret ingredient!

Who doesn't like strawberries? This would be awesome to make just to put in jars and sell at the Farmers Market.

What you need

  1. Container with a lid, such as a crock or even a Mason jar.
  2. 3 parts by weight Fresh strawberries
  3. 4 parts White sugar
  4. 1 part Raisins

Wash and remove green tops from strawberries, cutting the larger ones in half.
Then coarsely chop the raisins. Then put a layer of sugar about ¼ inch thick at bottom of your container. Next put a layer of strawberries, followed by a sprinkling of raisins. Then repeat until
your container is full. Finish it off with a layer of sugar and cover it with the lid. Put it in a cool place (I suggest the refrigerator)

Over the next few days, the sugar will turn into a thick syrup. They will last this way for several months. They can be eaten as they are or added to things like tarts or oatmeal.

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This video was posted with permission.

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I wonder is you could substitute honey for sugar. I think possibly because honey is founnd in good condition after centuries.

I think that would actually improve it. But you never know unless you try. Good Idea.

it kind of makes sense to me, because of the longevity of honey.

Run as you may! You cannot escape...the Almighty Bunghole!

hmmm strawberries. ..

I agree.

OOOOOH Strawberries are so frigging nice

Yes, they are. Thanks for checking out my post.

I wish there was a transcript of what is said and what is happening, not to be harsh but there's a whole world of people who would benefit from the actual transcript, not only would that make everything easy to understand and translate ready for those that aren't natives and do away with accents and such hurdles of spoken word, but the information transmitted would be thousands of times less bandwidth limiting. I don't have the pleasure of streaming every video because while I have unlimited data my speed is painfully slow so everything must be downloaded and watched later, and if I can't then tough luck, with my queue always full. :/ rant over.

That's is a very good suggestion. I have added the recipe to the post. It's not a transcript but it should help.

Thank you!

yummy lovely post.

Thank you for checking it out.

just followed you now.

Hii friend i am voting your post and so please you also vote and keep working

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