Spicy tuna salad with avocado and cucumber

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Although I am a foodie and I like to cook, I have moments when I do not want to cook.
At such times I prefer to stay as little as possible in the kitchen.
That does not mean I eat fast food or I starve.
No way. For such situations, I have gathered over time some quick recipes, and most often without thermic preparation.
One of these recipes is spicy tuna salad with avocado and cucumber.

At its origin, it was a Mexican style salad, but because I do not like the cilantro, I have adapted it to my family tastes.
But the chit-chat does not fill your stomach, so, let's cook.


1 can of tuna chunks (in oil or in own juice) - 100 g tuna
1 avocado (ripened but not over ripened) - about 150 grams of avocado pulp
1 cucumber - 300 g
2 small onions (preferably one red and one white)
1-2 jalapeño peppers
1 lemon or lime
1 small bunch of each: parsley, green basil, purple basil, fennel greens

Preparation (approx. 10 min)

First, open the tuna can and drain it.
Then peel the cucumber and the onion.
Cut the cucumber in half, lengthwise and then finely slice it.

Usual the onion is cut julienne, but you can cut it how you want but finely.
Peel the avocado and cut it cubes about 1.5 cm. Sprinkle it immediately with lemon juice, otherwise, it will oxidize.
Slice the hot pepper and use how much you want.
Gently mix all the ingredients.

Add lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste.
If the tuna was in its own juice, you can add a spoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Serve the salad with some olives, along with a slice of brown bread or rye bread.

Bon appetit!


P.S. Excuse me for the quality of the images but it's hard to be both chef and photographer at the same time. Especially if you are hungry!

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://www.dictionarculinar.ro/spicy-tuna-salad-with-avocado-and-cucumber/

P.P.S. The cucumber, the onions, the Jalapeño peppers and the greens are from my own garden.

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U don’t like cilantro? How?! Why?! There’s no avocado without cilantro :))

Wow! It looks amazing! Quick, easy and delicious (I guess). I just ate and now you made me hungry again :)) I will try this recipe. Thanks for that!

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