Tasty And Yummy Curd Cake recipe

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There are plenty of uses of milk. Milk is a cake component too. Though the main ingredient of cake is usually flour. But now let's take a look at the milk cake recipe. In this recipe milk is used as the main ingredient. We can call it a sweet instead of cake.

Let's take a look a brief info about the recipe first:

  • Preparation Time: 1h 30min
  • Cook Time: 30min
  • Ready Time: 2h 30min
  • Yield: ! Serving Dish
  • Servings: 10-12 Persons
  • Cuisine: Indian, Bengali

milk cake.png

Now let's try this recipe. At first we need some ingredients. Let see the list bellow.

Ingredients List:

  • Milk Curd: 2 kg
  • Sugar: 2 cups
  • Water: 5 cups
  • Cardamom powder: 1 teaspoon

Steps by stem guide:
Step 1
The milk have curdled and washed by cold water and hung it for an hour so that the water get out.

Step 2
After an hour, the granule should be broken by hand in a bowl. No need to refine.

Step 3
Take a thick bottom pan or pot and boil sugar and water in high heat until it start blowing.

Step 4
After start blowing add the curd and boil it in high heat.

Step 5
When the syrup starts to fall apart, reduce the heat and keep stir it so that the curd could not burn. Add cardamom powders with it.

Step 6
When the curd leaves the pot, remove the pot from stove and smear oil in a bowl, then pour the curd well and keep it in rest for three to four hours.

Step 7
After three to four hours, cut it as a suitable shape and serve it.

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WOW! You did such a great job I love it water comes out in my mouth I want to eat it

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