Let's face it...most of us look pretty ugly when we're naked....

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...like this unappetizing-looking blob of cheese

Can we get this little guy dressed up and decent?

The people from the part of Switzerland where I live, Ticino ( southern - Italian speaking ) are quite crazy about their local " Formaggini "...( literally translated: "Little Cheeses")

These are small cheeses that are made by local  cheese makers, who generally produce on a small scale.... usually family run businesses who sell to the local communities or at the local markets, restaurants etc. 

The cheeses can come in various varieties, shapes and sizes: very fresh... old and seasoned.... round, low and wide... round, high and narrow...square and high... square and low....goat's milk, cow's milk or sheep' s milk...you name it...they've got it... 

This is of the old-seasoned-round-tall and narrow variety

The taste can also vary, from quite strong, especially for the older seasoned varieties to semi - mild and fresh .....so how do the locals enjoy these wonderful little creations?...here we go:

Let's Get Dressed

Put the cheese on a plate and cut it up, or slightly squish it with a fork

Add :

  • Oil
  • Vinegar (especially good with Balsamic)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Cut up fresh Basil leaves

Enjoy with Crusty Bread and OF COURSE:...a nice glass of RED WINE!!

And Voilá!

Your ugly  duckling unappetizing looking little cheese has now become a beautiful swan...the center of attention.....a head turner---a mouth waterer.....a show stopper.... the "uhhhhh...I wish I had of ordered that instead ..!"

If you can't get these where you live, you could still transform some other similar cheese to the same degree....the French or Italian "tome" is usually available at your local delicatessen ...give it a try, I'm sure you'll be surprised and delighted...

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I enjoy the look of the cheese at the end as much as the look of your article, you have an eye for aesthetic and it sure appeal to me on many levels. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

Namaste :)

Thank you for being so kind...

My pleasure and thanks a bunch for the kind words too. Namaste :)

Simple but BAM recipe!
I had to "hahahha " on the title ...
and disagree .. till I read it
I love that cheese - naked and dressed :)

Yeah...it takes about 30 seconds to prep...a real winner...

Once it's dresse up it's great! Add some salami, pickles and pickled onions for the whole shabang!

Hmmmm...sounds like you've enjoyed this before...maybe recently....maybe today?

hahahaha on the "shabang!"

I see what you did there, looks lipsmacking delicious :)

That it is, my friend....simple but effective..

Just popped in to let you know I actually look good naked. At least my mirror agrees :) Cheese looks appetising, now I'm hungry again. Lol

Glad to hear you look good naked...lol!
That gave me my smile for the day!!

Although I've just finished my dinner my brain says "eat it!". I'm a devoted cheese lover and will definately try it out myself. Thans for the recipe :)

You won't be sorry, fellow cheese-lover!

I don't like wine, but this made me hungry :)

Have it with beer!!

i like recipe... good post


I'm hungry now. I'm going to take some pizza, formaggini and ham NOW! ;)

Glad I could help to get your appetite stirred up!!...Buon appetito!

You need bigger wine glass trust me...

I think you might be right about that...👍🏻😋

Lookin' yummy! Nice post! I may have to indulge! Thanks for the post and wine would be nice :)

Yummy for your tummy...wine is fine..!

I like this using a fresh soft farmers cheese. Just add salt, pepper, oil a bit of onion and fresh basil. Then spread it on a slice of a good Baguette. Put a bit of Prosciutto to top it off.

Sounds good...variations on the theme👏👏

Nice post. I love cheese. I am from holland and we have also some great cheese. Try Gouda cheese..

Well I do look good. :P

GLad to hear that...that makes 2 so far!!..🙃

The cheese recipe on the plate also looks good. Got me hungry now.

Even a shit could be tasty :-) when you dress it up :-) Great blog !!

Ooohhh...have you tried it?...😝

Mouth watering food.. I guess you have a wonderful time there.. thank you for sharing recipe... i must try it once :)

Yes, You will be happy with the results

Good topic @lellabird60. I think our body design is designed very perfect but our habits are like that original piece of cheese and we are responsible for bringing them into order very much like the finish of the same piece of cheese.

Nice observation...

I will do that and enjoy some local cheeses too.