How to make Nuddles Ball- Try something new

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Today I have brought you a few numbers of noodles. There is a lot of part of our life in the time saving role of the noodles. Let us now do something new outside the traditional noodles cooking. Let’s try Noodles Ball testy food-

Maggy noodles - 2 packets
Eggs – 1Nos
Onion slice – 2 Nos
Flour / Corn Flowers - Like Quantity
Maggy spices – 1 small packets
Potatoes slice – 1 Nos
Salt - little
Oil- Like Quantity

Ready Method:
Noodles must be boiled in a light and it will have to take away all the ingredients like eggs, onions, flour, spices, salt, mangoes etc. Now let the small round balls of oil to roam. When the balls are golden color, lift them slowly from the oil. Noodles ball is done. Let’s test the Delicious Noodle Ball with Tomato Sauce

Thank You Friends, hope all are enjoy with this ball.
Tania (@hmetu)

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