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Happy Valentines Day, Steemians 💕💕. In this post we will explore the history of Valentine's Day together, and I will share a wonderful Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe with you. So grab a mug of Earl Grey and get ready for a quick history lesson on the day of lurve.

History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has its roots first, in Roman history, and then later, in a conversion from Pagan traditions to Christianity

The most popular legend of St Valentine seems to be connected to a third century priest in Rome, named St Valentine, who outlawed marriage for soldiers, stating that married men were distracted by their wives while away at war.

Valentine, would then marry couples in secret. When Emperor Claudius II found out, he put Valentine to death, thus making him a martyr for his religious beliefs.

The actual date, 14th February, is theorised to originate from two places:

  1. It is believed that St. Valentine died somewhere in the middle of February, and that this date is to commemorate his death.

  2. There is also a theory stemming from the Christian church creating "Valentine's Day" to coincide with the celebration of the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Lupercalia was a fertility festival devoted to the Roman god, Faunus. Faunus (Pan in Greek mythology) was known to be the god of all nature. You may recognise elements of Mr Tumnus of The Chronicles of Narnia in Pan/Faunus, as Tumnus was a Faun too.


Faunus, or Pan as he was known in Greek Mythology.


NOW! Let's talk cupcakes. More specifically - red velvet cupcakes. I adapted this recipe from a very famous New York confectionery, Magnolia Bakery. I have never had the pleasure to sample one of Magnolia's red velvet cupcakes, but I have heard many times how good they are. I searched long and hard for the correct recipe to follow, and I made it twice in one weekend, just to ensure that I had all the steps down pat.


Let me start by telling you that this is quite a time consuming recipe, but it is SO worth it. I would usually have made a cream cheese frosting with this recipe, but I wanted to stay as true to the original recipe as possible, and so I made Magnolia Bakery's Creamy Vanilla Frosting. It is to die for. Absolutely and lusciously indulgent, perfect for a Valentine's Day treat.

Here's How:


Red Velvet Cupcakes (makes 24 cupcakes):

  • 3 1/2 cups cake flour, sifted
  • 3/4 cup (110 grams) unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 ½ cups caster sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • 6 T red food colouring
  • 3 T cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 t vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 t salt
  • 1 1/2 cups buttermilk
  • 1 1/2 t apple cider vinegar
  • 1 1/2 t bicarbonate soda

Creamy Vanilla Icing/Frosting

  • 6 T flour
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 2 cups (220 grams) unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 cups castor sugar
  • 2 t vanilla extract


Preheat your oven to 180'C or 350'F. Oil a muffin pan lightly. Sift your flour and set aside. It's important to use sifted flour, as it creates a lighter, fluffier cupcake.

Then, in a large bowl, with an electric mixer, beat your cream and butter until super light and fluffy. Then, add the eggs, one at a time.

In another small bowl, make a paste out of the red food colouring, cocoa powder and vanilla essence. You can then add this to creamed butter. Beat well.

Next, add the salt to the buttermilk, and mix well. Add the buttermilk mixture to the red batter, in three parts alternating with the flour. Every time you add more buttermilk, beat the ingredients until just mixed. Be careful to not over beat the mixture.

Now, add together the apple cider vinegar and bicarb. Add to the batter and mix well. The batter should be nice and smooth, and not lumpy at all.

Now you can divide the batter amongst the cupcake pans, and bake for twenty minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean.


Try to not eat all the batter while preparing the recipe


The cupcakes should be nicely domed, springy to touch and as I mentioned, a skewer should come out clean.


Let cool completely before spreading with your topping of choice.

That was the easy part! Now for the vanilla frosting, which is extremely time constraining, but absolutely delicious and worth it.


NOW - CAREFULLY and SLOWLY - add the flour to the milk. Whisk, CAREFULLY, and ensure that there are absolutely NO LUMPS. This is imperative for a smooth frosting. Next, heat the mixture over a low - medium heat, and cook until the mixture is almost stodgy, it's so thick. Set aside until completely cooled (approx thirty mins).

While the milk mixture is cooling, in a large bowl, beat the butter until very smooth and creamy. You can now add the sugar very slowly, making sure to beat the mixture while adding the sugar. Now add the vanilla essence and beat well.

Now, add the room temperature milk mixture, and beat all together for a few more minutes. The mixture will become very smooth, and a bit lighter in colour.

Refrigerate for fifteen minutes, and use there after.

Divine! Let me know if you make this, and how long it took you?!

From me, @princessmewmew and the rest of the @adsactly team - Happy Valentine's Day!💓💓💓



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I like your food ^^


WOW i couldnt help chewing from my this is really nice!bravo

Those look yummy!!!

Hi @princessmewmew! There are a couple of things that I consider necessary to complement your introduction. Both delicious as your recipe:

First I tell you that while the shelves of history approve your argument, there is a final detail that you ignored.

Days before the beheading of St. Valentine, he was imprisoned in the Roman dungeons. There, between going and coming, he met the daughter of Carlos II (the emperor). The girl was blind from birth and according to historians, Valentine's kindness was so great that from that moment began to pray for her to recover her sight.

There were no major changes until minutes before the beheading. Valentine handed the girl a piece of paper that said "your Valentine". As you suspect, it doesn't make sense because the girl was blind.

Well, at the end when she sees the paper she recovers her sight and without understanding what said there, she looked up as Valentine died. Since then the martyr figure of Valentine became more famous, in addition to that scholars in the matter say that he was in love with her since he met her.

We must not forget that Christianity has covered many of these stories, but we cannot deny the romantic charge it has.

To conclude, it seems appropriate to lend a hand to literature, and share with you the first poem PUBLISHED where the holiday descends to St. Valentine appears.

This poem is by Geoffrey Chaucer and is titled The Parliament of Fowls (1832). It should be noted that since the publication of this poem, the celebration of St. Valentine has taken center stage in Western culture.

Nature, deputy of the almighty Lord,
Who hot, cold, heavy, light, moist and dry
Has knit in balanced measure in accord,
In gentle voice began to speak and sigh,
"Fowl, heed my judgement now, pray I,
And for your ease, in furthering of your need,
As fast as I can speak, I will you speed.

You know that on Saint Valentine’s day,
By my statute and through my governance,
You come to choose – and then fly your way –
Your mates, as I your desires enhance.
But nonetheless my rightful ordinance
I may not alter, for all the world to win,
That he that is most worthy must begin.

The male eagle, as you all must feel,
The royal fowl, above you in degree,
The wise and worthy, secret, true as steel,
Whom I have formed, as you can see,
In every part as it best pleases me,
It needs not that his form I must portray,
He shall choose first, and speak in his own way.

And after him in order shall you choose
According to your kind, as you devise,
And, as your luck is, shall you win or lose;
But that one of you on whom love most lies,
God send him she that sorest for him sighs".


You can read it full here, it's a wonder!

Thanks @princessmewmew and @adsactly for sharing this recipe. I did not know what to prepare for today but you already gave me an idea. My girl gonna love it!

PS: I would add a touch of lemon zest to the Creamy Vanilla Icing/Frosting, for a better scent ; D


Aha! I do know about this, but in my research I found a lot of people disagreeing with the fact that it did happen. But what is history after all? Accounts of what is hopened in the past, mixed in with a few facts 💓


@lord-faustus Great post ! And beautiful poem!

There are many stories going around Valentines celebration. All versions agree that there was a Roman priest who was behead and there were a blind girl involve on the events.

Please find below an extract from Lisa Bitel – Professor of History & Religion, University of Southern California. - Article where she describes the events slightly different from your points. The sad reality is that we will never now for sure which one of the all versions is the accurate one!

I’m also including the link so you can read the full article.

Enjoy !

Roman priest named Valentinus was arrested during the reign of Emperor Gothicus and put into the custody of an aristocrat named Asterius.

As the story goes, Asterius made the mistake of letting the preacher talk. Father Valentinus went on and on about Christ leading pagans out of the shadow of darkness and into the light of truth and salvation. Asterius made a bargain with Valentinus: If the Christian could cure Asterius’s foster-daughter of blindness, he would convert. Valentinus put his hands over the girl’s eyes and chanted:

“Lord Jesus Christ, en-lighten your handmaid, because you are God, the True Light.”

Easy as that. The child could see, according to the medieval legend. Asterius and his whole family were baptized.

Unfortunately, when Emperor Gothicus heard the news, he ordered them all to be executed. But Valentinus was the only one to be beheaded.

A pious widow, though, made off with his body and had it buried at the site of his martyrdom on the Via Flaminia, the ancient highway stretching from Rome to present-day Rimini. Later, a chapel was built over the saint’s remains. -

Finally adsactly put something about love. Though the famous Valentine Got killed, there are many other lovers around the world who met the same fate , to name few Romeo & juliet, Cleopatra & Mark antony, Napolean & Josephine . All tragic. Yet there love stories were so enigmatic and the greatest in history but ultimately sad. But still people dont give up on love. Its a feeling of lifetime. And its the love we are all hoping to find someday. A happy ending Actually. Though red velvet will make our beloved happy but all that we want is just love :) Though red velvet will make our beloved happy but all that we want is just love :)


Stories like these are what make history. I love to read about all of these star crossed lovers in history, it’s sooo romantic, and sometimes just plain silly 😂


Yea exactly silly fir being why to get killed ;)

OMG - I haven't even had breakfast yet, and you have me wanting to bake cupcakes!! Unfortunately, I am gluten intolerant so any recipe with wheat flour is off-limits now, so I will just settle for drooling on my computer screen.

Happy Valentine's Day - enjoy those cupcakes!


Ah thank you for this kind comment! I am sure you could replace the flour with another type? Coconut flour might work quite nicely as it will keep the moisture.


There are some pretty decent GF flour mixes out there - King Arthur does a really good 'cup for cup' wheat flour substitute. I plan on trying this out this weekend - thank you! Great pics, too!

1 word for these cakes = Yummmmmmy


Omg yum! ❤️💕🙌 also, Happy Valentines Day 🤙
Here’s some “Steemit Love” to share with followers and the people you care about here on Steemit... Share the love! ❤️😊 Namaste 🙏


Just want to say :)


Ah thanks @cryptokraze! Hope you had a wonderful Wellington’s day! 😉😉

Looks amazing! Happy Valentines! <3


Happy hearts day to you, show love to someone today


I will <3


@rhubarb, you can say that again, this is my first valentine as a married woman, i am so full of joy and love. My sister-in-law sent some red velvet and chocolate cake to me two days ago. i hope it doesn't finish though. lol


Ooo. So cute and romantic 😍


Thanks @rhubard (cool user name btw!)


Thank you so much. (It’s my name hidden in this user name) 😍

Awww, thank you so much for the cakes.
They look yummy.
I am single so not celebrating it but happy valentines to all the couples.


Ah you can be your own valentine! 💓

Happy Wellingtons Day Everyone!!!!


🧦 happy Wellington’s Mork pie x

Those look tasty! :)


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Red velvet cupcakes looks really yummy!


Happy valentine's day.
The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.


Happy heart day


Happy heart day to you too my dear and thank you.


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I love that💜

Oh how I wish you had posted this sooner... I would of made some today. Thanks for the recipe.

That's crazy, I honestly did not know the story of Valentine's day. I read deeper about it and did you know... the men that participated in the marriages got their hearts cut out and then the hearts were sent to their wives in a box?! I am shocked right now, what a story! Thanks for sharing.


Ahhhh! I suppose that’s where the tradition of bringing a gift comes from. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this, comment Upvoted!

I Love Red Velvet Cupcakes. Those look amazingly Delicious. Thanks for posting.


Pleasure, and thank you for commenting! Happy valentines day

these look amazing!
and yes - earl grey, HOT 😁💚


Hehe lump of sugar me dear?

If I eat this, my bitterness will fade away. 😂


Hahaha they are sweet enough to turn you into a big bundle of joy xxx

I'm not much of a Valentine's day guy, but I'd certainly eat one of these luscious cupcakes in celebration of whatever :)

A beautiful recipe. Thank you.


Thank you so much! They were sooo soft and luxurious. Definitely a treat x

Excellent post and red velvet cupcake recipe💖@adsactly , I also make it with cream cheese cover and they are delicious.


Yes I lovvveee the cream cheese frosting too xx

I remembered hearing that once upon a time, before cocoa was alkalized as part of the production process, it was red. I looked that up, and found the article listed below. Essentially, "devils food" cake was called that because it was red because of the color of the cocoa. I had heard that red food dye was not always part of red velvet cakes (since the cocoa was red).

Happy Valentines Day!!


Ah, I vaguely recall something like this. Thanks for sharing 🌸

definitivamente es el favorito!! Feliz San Valentin :)


Felix San Valentin! X

Will definitely be making these for my Valentine💗



Lol who doesn’t love Me Burns! Happy valentines xx

Wow the cup cakes looks very testy.....

I’m on a diet😜


Hahahha you can just imagine eating the cupcakes then!


I guess..
Visited your profile. Loved it
Following you 😉

Happy Valentine to @adsactly

Ummm. Delicious! I'm not much for sweets, but I do love red velvet cupcakes.

Thank you for sharing the history about valentine's Day it's interesting I enjoy reading historical things........and the red velvet cakes looks delicious and yummy thanks for sharing the looks yummy


Oats a pleasure and I’m pleased you enjoyed 🎀

those cup cakes make my taste buds tingle , and the recipe makes it easy to make , i want some , will try this

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! These look delicious. I do love cups so I will definitely share this with my group. Thanks so much for sharing.

Happy Valentine day...

Life is white today, there is nothing to write
I am standing in the desert, I am old
Suddenly why my heart is crying today
I saw my Aponjon lost.


Is that a poem?


That was sad and beautiful. Did you author that?


Hello vote may plies


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Nice post @adsactly

Lovely one.........Happy valentine

hopefully on this valentine day we can share the love around the world.

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Delicious Recipe i love it

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OMG these cupcakes looks really yummy! For my Valentine, yesterday I prepare this cake with cream and strawberries...
If you want the recipe, you can have it at
Thank you 💜

I will try this @princessmewmew and team @adsactly. Looks gorgeous and delish too. Thank you for sharing this recipe

How about a good scones receipt.

Nice post man


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It looks so delicious Happy valentine's day 😍🌹💖❤️!!!!

Ahaan great information I know the history of valentine day 1st from you Thanks for sharing with us and I don't make the cupcake but I hope the taste of your cupcake is yummy.

Thanks for sharing. @adsacly

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The reason i love to always pass by on your post its because of your originality. There re many bloggers i would read through their post without getting the recipes but yours is a good example, i really love about the memory of st. Val history and also taking us through the recipes though i wouldn't have them done because it could be too expensive for me to get. Salivating though, hope you pass some over to me your good friend here. I look forward to following you and also getting assistance from you as a newbie. Thanks, bravo

Happy valentines day @adsactly...

First time I had a red velvet cake, it felt like heaven.....
Seeing this is making me crave one now....


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killing me softly with this love

huhu. anyways, i'm drooling while reading this and thank you for the trivia. at least i know a little bit of the origin of Valentine's :)
Happy Valentine's Day! <3 ^_^


Haha ! Thank you for commenting xx


you're welcome ^^)

Great, I'm bad in the kitchen, I'll try this recipe

This cupcakes looks yummy. Happy valentines day.


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I like dessert, share more recipe to Steemit I can make my self. Hahaha

beautiful post, thanks for sharing, I as a beginner in steemit world I need support from you @adsactly, I hope you visit my account.
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My sister would kill for this recipe! She loves cupcakes and red velvet cake is her favorite!


Yeah, got this particular red velvet cup cake for my girlfriend and she loved it


That's sweet of you!

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I'm a foodie. So Lovely!

Hay apa kabar
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Moga moga sehat selalu
Saya sudah lihat postingan anda sangat bagus dan menarik sekali.
Saya sangat suka dengan postingan anda.

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You have a great vote for that message. Thank you

The invention of new dish does anymore for human happiness, what opening of new star. Pleased me to you post-modernism, successes to you and successes

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