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Hello there and welcome to my review of a product. If you've looked closely, you'll know that I'm a big time music dude. I love music so much that I can't stay without it. Sometime ago, I bought a Bluetooth earpiece just to make sure I enjoy music. I also did buy a headset about a week ago. I always use both of them until their value dropped lately. Just about two days ago, my sister showed up with a Bluetooth speaker by name Anker Soundcore

Before she showed, I had already added a Bluetooth speaker to my list of needs. However, I came to realize that Anker Soundcore is all I ever needed.

What is Anker

Anker is a Chinese electronics brand owned by Anker Innovations based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The brand is known for producing computer and mobile peripherals. The name Anker comes from the German word for anchor. (Wikipedia). The Anker company is known for producing power banks, charging cables, and wireless speakers.

So, like I said earlier; I'll be discussing one of their products (Anker Soundcore) which is a wireless speaker.

  • Anker Soundcoreimage

Anker soundcore happens to be one of the numerous products of the anker company. Below are the features with my review of each and every one of them.


  • High-Fidelity Sound: I should begin with the point that the Anker soundcore has a unique sound system. In the product, there are two speakers with a spiral bass port (patent pending) separating them. I don't really know how the spiral bass port works, but I can tell how it sounds.

The day which my sister brought out the speaker, I was wowed as I fiddled it as if I were a kid. I rushed as I turned it on and connected my android device to it. Trust me when I say that I was totally speechless when this device started playing. The bass sounded as if the whole song that was playing was made of bass.

I decided to figure out the maximum volume of the device but, it wasn't easily achieved because I was afraid as I added one volume after the other. Finally, when the whole volume was increased, it seemed we had organized a ceremony and our neighbors definitely thought that the power supply in the area was back. image

  • Streamlined Connectivity: The Anker soundcore allows users to listen to keep a distance of 66ft (about 20 meters) because it uses the latest bluetooth 4.2 technology. Except from this, there's an in-built microphone which helps me answer calls smoothly (while in hands-free).

Looking around the device, I observed that there is this auxiliary port which allows user who doesn't want to use a bluetooth connection to connect to the speaker using a cord. However, I'm contented with the bluetooth and it works perfectly fine. Using cords isn't my thing.

  • Dustproof and Waterproof: Yup!! The Anker soundcore speaker is totally dust proof. My dad (as a technician) had told me that dust kills electronics, therefore I should be careful with my electronical gadget. In this case, I'm free!! The soundcore speaker is built in such a way that no atom of dust can get into it, not even by mistake.

Except from that, the soundcore speaker is absolutely waterproof. My sister did tell me it was waterproof but, I wasn't really sure. She finally cleared by doubt yesterday morning by putting the speaker under a running tap. Afterwards, the speaker was as cool as normal. 😉 image

  • Battery Life: What sense does it make if the Anker company made a speaker with such features and input weak/undurable battery? Nonsense.... Right?. However, this is the most interesting facet of the soundcore speaker.

The soundcore speaker would play 24h-hour (500-song playtime). This means that you can listen to music throughout the day and night. Please be aware that the playtime depends on the volume and audio content. Yesterday (around 3PM), I charged the soundcore speaker for barely an hour and unplugged it. Trust me when I say that with that charge, I used the soundcore speaker for a day and an extra of about 6 hours. image

With these features, I concluded that the Anker soundcore speaker is what I need (both for my PC and for my android device). You can buy it on Amazon

source 1 and source 2 of all images above.

Thanks a lot for reading through my blog. As usual; I strongly appreciate and will reply to any comment. Thanks again.

I'm the Crazy Bunny you know. 😜


Such of a great review :)
very informative and helpful!

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Thanks. 😉😉

Sorry to say... I couldnt find your original photos on this review..

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Yea, that's right.
That's because my device's camera is poor.

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